Deep Force Launches Face Identification without Compromising Personal Data at CES 2018

Deep Force, an innovative technology company aims to be the de facto platform for applying Deep Learning on edge devices. Deep Force focuses on empowering the user device so AI computation is not limited to the cloud or to only the most expensive of hardware. The complete suite of core AI technology solutions will be showcased at CES 2018.

Deep Force simplifies AI adoption by shortening the implementation cycle and offering critical APIs that are cloud independent, and compatible with a variety of hardware and operating systems. The core technology combines the disciplines of deep learning, heterogenous computing and embedded system design to deliver the fastest on-device APIs. Currently there are successful references in mobile, health, and education sectors.

Core Technology:

  • Face Identification – Distinguish and verify user identity instantly
  • Face Grouping – Organize images automatically by facial features
  • Face Landmark Detection – Determine precise location and features of faces in real-time
  • Object Recognition – Locate and identify thousands of objects even in semi-ideal conditions
  • Gaze Direction – Determine gaze direction in real time

“The development of AI leads to the need of edge intelligence,” says Dr. May-Chen Martin-Kuo, CTO and Founder of Deep Force. “There are a lot of personalized edge intelligence, such as surveillance, face unlock payment, automatic driving cars, robots, and precision medicine. The vertical engine developed by Deep Force empowers more end device to perform inference intelligently. We help the business to create more profit to adopt AI on various devices in image, audio, and video domain.”

Visit Deep Force at CES 2018 at the Eureka Marketplace booth # 52748