Azulle – Access Plus – Fanless Mini PC Stick

The Azulle – Access Plus – Fanless Mini PC Stick is my first exposure to a mini-computer running Windows 10. When we updated our flat screen this spring I wanted to be able to bring up a few sites that have content my family enjoys but does not have a channel on the Roku or similar devices. The Azulle Mini PC Stick was the perfect solution. The Mini PC simply connects to an HDMI port and using the Azulle – Lynk Remote control I was able to have a separate window system that we could utilize hooked directly to the monitor.

Now let me be upfront the Mini PC is not like your desktop and or a top end laptop it comes with a 64-bit Quad-core Intel Atom CherryTrail processor with and option of 2 or 4GB of onboard ram with 32gb of onboard storage with USB 3.0 x1 and USB 2.0 X1, Dual Band Bluetooth and a USB Mouse, Keyboard supported wirelessly and dual band Wifi  The HD Graphics card outputs a 1080P to allow for full-screen Video playback, gaming, and home theater usage.

I will be honest I was surprised how well it operates and the best part it is a 100% out of site. You can expand storage either with a USB stick or an external hard-drive. You use it just like any other PC in your home only this one can be hooked up to a TV in the living room, standard monitor in a kids room to provide them an inexpensive PC for homework etc. The use cases go beyond the home you could use it in a board room. digital signage the list goes on. Tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand but powerful enough to run Windows 10.

Priced between $139/$169 depending on ram choice you cannot beat what this brings to the table as a mini-pc.

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