PAPAGO GoSafe 30G Dashcam Review

The PAPAGO GoSafe 30G Dashcam is the third exposure I have had to their dashcams. I last reviewed the GoSafe 520 a couple of years ago.  The GoSage 30G was a completely revamped Dashcam with some new great features and one feature that I could have done without.

The new Dashcam is capable of Full HD up to 1080P @ 60FPS with a 2.7 inch LCD screen with full GPS position logging.  The 140-degree wide-angle recording view gives you an incredible recorded POV. The dashcam has full motion detection so that it automatically starts recording and stores the recording every 5 minutes unless the G-Sensor is activated by a sudden impact and then the device will automatically lock the file so it is not overwritten. You have the ability to also take a snapshot at any time by simply holding the snapshot button for 3 seconds.  The dashcam will also record video anytime the car is sitting still and it detects the car being bumped. This can help you identify someone that may have hit your car and left the scene.

The Papago GoSafe 30G came with a couple of features that worked very well in the daytime but one struggled at night. It comes with Lane Departure Warning System and Front Collision Warnings System.  While both warning systems worked great during daylight hours the Lane Departure Warning System false alarmed while driving at night. The roads in Hawaii are in many places 2 feet narrower than what they are on the mainland, whenever I was on a narrower road and not exactly in the middle of the lane the number of false warning for lane departure was almost excessive. I did not have this trouble during the daylight hours at all and the front collision warning system worked well day and nite. I must commend Papago on the FCWS system as it alerted me to cars braking hard in front of me.

Some other great driver assists features that work well including Stop Sign Recognition, Stop and Go, Driver Fatigue Warning, and Headlight Reminder all worked well day and nite. The Stop and Go feature primarily designed to detect when the car in front of you has moved after sitting still for more than 10 seconds works great in heavy traffic as well. If you have a late model car that does not have tire pressure sensors the dashcam also integrates with the Papago TireSafe D10E TPMS (sold separately), the GoSafe 30G can quickly grasp your tires’ pressure and temperature in real-time and display it on the screen.

Both Day and Nite video are exceptional and the Papago team have made significant improvements to the nite vision video quality. Priced at $172 this is a great product to add to your car, my dashcam has already recorded 2 separate accidents that I have been able to provide to the driver of the vehicle hit including one side swipe impact. You just never know today when you need to prove you were not at fault in an accident.

These are the full resolution videos 100mb per minute of video so depending on your internet connection they may load slow.

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