Meet the Audi RS5

audi logoWhat do you get when you cross an Audi RS8 with an Audi A5? A sports car for the more tame driver. The A5 is considered a high-performance version of a luxury car, while the RS8 is a straight up exotic sports car to take on Ferrari, Aston Martin and the like. Recently TPN’s own Jeffrey Powers got to check out the RS5, which falls into the middle.

If you are wondering why this was at CES and not an auto show then you only need to look inside at the Audi Connect system. It integrates Google Maps and Street View embedded in Audi’s own QNX system. This is not just for the RS5 though, it is coming to all models of the cars. The company is also working on bring 4G into its cars.

Head over to Audi for more information and be sure to check out the video tour below.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.

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