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Working at my desk all day on a computer I wasn’t getting enough exercise and it showed. So I decided to start walking, however being a geek I couldn’t just walk I had to measure everything. I do wear a Fitbit which I really like, however it has it limitation, no maps and the sharing has never worked correctly for me. This is where MapMyWalk comes in. MapMyWalk is available for both iOS and Android and on the web. Start the MapMyWalk app when you begin your walk and when you are finished hit the stop button. At this point it will give you the option to save the walk, resume or delete the walk. If you choose to save the walk you can then share it to Facebook or Twitter.

What makes MapMyWalk stand apart from something like Fitbit though are the maps. When you use MapMyWalk while walking it tracks where you are going and then produces a map. You can share that map publicly or with just your friends or not at all. If you travel a lot and are looking for a place to walk in a strange city. You can go into MapMyWalk, put in your location and see all public maps in the area. You can see the distance and elevation of each walk and any notes that might have been added. You can also keep track of the food you eat and write a daily journal on MapMyWalk. You get all this with the free version, if you decide to go pro you can skip the ads, print maps, get training plans and get up to 20 percent off on all store purchases. The number of maps you can print and training plans you get is determined by the level you pay for.

I like MapMyWalk and use when every I walk outside. MapMyWalk does require a GPS connection. The one problem that I do run into every once in a while is the GPS doesn’t connect correctly. When that happens the map can be really off. MapMyWalk is free and available for both iOS and Android and if you carry your phone when you walk I recommend downloading it

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  1. I was just coming back from my lunchtime walk, wishing I could find an app for just this purpose, and scanning through my rss feeds saw this. THANK YOU for reviewing this!!!!! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

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