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Wondercon 2014

Wondercon 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center, April 18-20, 2014.
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MapMyWalk Review

Working at my desk all day on a computer I wasn’t getting enough exercise and it showed. So I decided to start walking, however being a geek I couldn’t just walk I had to measure everything. I do wear a Fitbit which I really like, however it has it limitation, no maps and the sharing has never worked correctly for me. This is where MapMyWalk comes in. MapMyWalk is available for both iOS and Android and on the web. Start the MapMyWalk app when you begin your walk and when you are finished hit the stop button. At this point it will give you the option to save the walk, resume or delete the walk. If you choose to save the walk you can then share it to Facebook or Twitter.

What makes MapMyWalk stand apart from something like Fitbit though are the maps. When you use MapMyWalk while walking it tracks where you are going and then produces a map. You can share that map publicly or with just your friends or not at all. If you travel a lot and are looking for a place to walk in a strange city. You can go into MapMyWalk, put in your location and see all public maps in the area. You can see the distance and elevation of each walk and any notes that might have been added. You can also keep track of the food you eat and write a daily journal on MapMyWalk. You get all this with the free version, if you decide to go pro you can skip the ads, print maps, get training plans and get up to 20 percent off on all store purchases. The number of maps you can print and training plans you get is determined by the level you pay for.

I like MapMyWalk and use when every I walk outside. MapMyWalk does require a GPS connection. The one problem that I do run into every once in a while is the GPS doesn’t connect correctly. When that happens the map can be really off. MapMyWalk is free and available for both iOS and Android and if you carry your phone when you walk I recommend downloading it

GNC-2012-08-13 #790 Unexpected Kick!

Was inspired by a blog post I read yesterday that I take some time to chat about. I also have saved a new Ghost story from Friday for the next show yes think you will like it. Lots of tech news and info as usual. Thanks for all the feedback coming into the show. Supporting the sponsors is appreciated.

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What’s a Geek?

GeekThe OED (@OEDonline) has been tweeting on geeks today.

The word ‘geek’ was first applied to overly diligent students in the 1950s, and to computer obsessives from around 1984.

However, as early as 1876 ‘geek’ was an English regional (northern) term for a foolish, offensive, or worthless fellow…

In 1920’s U.S. slang, ‘geek’ also meant a circus performer with a bizarre or grotesque act, such as biting the head off a live animal.

I never thought of Ozzy as a geek, but there you go. Maybe they’ll do nerds tomorrow.

Image courtesy of BigStock.

GNC-2012-02-20 #743 Nat Innovation Alliance

This past Saturday the Saturday Morning Tech show was incredible and I hope you will take time to listen to it. During the show, one of our guest launched the National Innovation Alliance. I spend some time tonight talking about that initiative. Over the coming shows you will want to pay attention to hints for prizes as we march towards show 750 as well.

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Erasure’s Tomorrow’s World

To preview their forthcoming album, Tomorrow’s World, pop duo Erasure have produced a tribute to the future-gazing BBC TV show of the same name. British geeks of a certain age will fondly remember this TV programme for introducing us to gadgets such as Walkmans, CDs and camcorders. It was also notorious for showing off products that promptly disappeared and never made it to market. The programme ran from 1965 to 2003 and drew over 10 million viewers at its peak.

Erasure’s tribute is a reworking of the programme’s soundtrack and has an accompanying video that includes many famous gadgets from the past. Here it is.

Marriage & Cell Carriers

The air is electric with heady excitement. The big day has finally arrived. “This one will be nirvana!” you tell yourself. As you enter the doors and walk down the isle, there she is waiting at the altar, all decked out in a one-use dress. Your heart races with anticipation.

There’s your dream — waiting there for you, with a pre-nuptial agreement in one hand and divorce papers in the other, complete with fine print written in legalese.

For some of us the marriage is a happy one. For others it is a marriage of convenience. And for a small number the marriage ends up going sour and costing them a bundle of money.

Am I talking about a wedding? No, I’m talking about the trip to the cell phone store.

We tend to get all excited about the latest phone models, comparing this feature set with that feature set, this screen with that screen, etc. Once we make a decision and our heart is set on a specific device, we eagerly sign the contract and end up married to a cell carrier for the life of the contract.

Devices aside, the big U.S. carriers have been making constant improvements to their networks. It’s a huge job, but there’s a lot of future money at stake.

In the realm of cell phones, I’ve always found it fascinating and somewhat telling how people will bounce from one cell carrier to the next, seemingly on a whim. If it becomes chic to talk bad about a specific cell carrier, it seems that a lot of people will change cell carriers the same way some people will worry about saturated fats or the latest diet fad.

And now we have the iPhone 4 and it’s purported antenna problem story of the past few days. At this point Apple has sold more than 3 million iPhone 4’s and the vast majority of iPhone 4 users have been happy with their new phones. Yet I find it interesting that all of this media attention about antenna problems has put doubt in the minds of some iPhone 4 owners.

That new spouse might be cheating on you…