Samsung HMX-Q10

Samsung Electronics Co., LTD is introducing the HMX-Q10 camcorder at CES 2011. The idea behind the HMX-Q10 camcorder is too make recording movies as easy as possible, with the use of ground-breaking technology and smart features. This allows the consumer to record high quality videos with little effort. The HMX-Q10 is compact, easy-to use and affordable.

The first thing that you will notice when you turn on the HMX-Q10 is the Switch Grip. The Switch Grip allows the user to hold the camcorder any way they want and the G-magnetic sensor inside the camcorder turns the LCD display so it can be read at any angle. Easy Operation means that the user controls even the most detailed process through the LCD display including turning the camcorder on and off and operating the playback function. This makes controlling the device intuitive and fun. Recording videos is easy because the record button is placed prominently on the camcorder. The HMX-Q10 is thin, compact and light, which makes it something you will want to carry everywhere. It captures video in 1920×1080/60i full HD. It has an Optical image stabilization system which compensates for shaky hands. Allowing clear video even if you are walking or moving while recording. It also has a SMP BSI CMOS sensor that reduces noise and distortion. This helps if you are trying to record in low light. It also contains the Samsung Smart Auto scene recognition, which analyzes the scene for brightness, color, motion and subject and chooses the most appropriate settings for the creation of the best video. The Samsung Record Pause technology allows the user to pause the recording and then restart the recording without having to merge the files when finished.

The HMX-Q10 allows the user to choose whether to use automatic or manual controls. The manual controls allows the more experience user to control things such as White Balance, Exposure Values, Backlighting, Self Timer and C. Nite. There is also a new function called Art film, which creates special effects such as Time Lapse and Black and White. The HMX-Q10 is not only a great camcorder but it also doubles as a 4.9 Megapixel still camera. This means there is no need to carry a separate still camera.


  • HMX-Q10Storage media SDHC/SD Card 1/4.1″(effec.1/5.8″) 5MP (2.07M effective
  • Image StabilizationOIS DuoSensor5MP BSI CMOS
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Varioplan-HD F1.8 10x optical zoom lens with OIS 2.75mm ~
    27.5mm focal length
  • Size 43.7 x 53.3 x 119.4 mmAdditional Features2.7î touch
  • LCD Flip Shooting (Switch Grip Control) Switch/both Handed Grip Face detection
  • Smart Record Pause
  • Ultra Compact and Full HD Recording Built-in USB/PC S/W Auto
  • Focus Face detect (up to 6 persons)
  • Smart Auto HD Time Lapse recording
  • Intelli-Studio 2.0 Tripod screw
  • Display2.7î touch LCD 2D S-motion Graphic User
  • Video RecordingHD resolution: 1920 x 1080 60i 1280 x720 60p SD resolution
  • Still Image Capture 4.9MP (2MP)
  • Device Connectivity USB
    interface (including USB charging)
  • Composite interface (output only)
  • HDMI interfaceBattery typeBP125A (1250mAh)
  • 110min (1h50m) max.Recording time (max.) SD
  • Price $299 available February 2011