GNC #671 On the Road

Geek News Central Podcast It is survey time again and I hope you will take 60 seconds to fill out my listener survey. We have streamlined this so you can click, click, click and be done. Thanks for your support in advance. Quick show and an absolutely funny in the shower story.

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Show Notes:
Bing Facebook Effect.
PSN is Back sort of.
Miramax comes to Netflix.
Wireless Hard-Drive?
Felony to Stream!
Google TV $179.00
Lodsys reveals their extortion.
Nuance in OSX Lion.
UK Super Injunction expands.
Second Monitor do you need it.
Jetbag your Wine Purchases.
New Scareware fakes drive Failure.
No More “You” Tube?
FCC Commissioner on defense.
Firefox 3.5 No More Support.
Hackers can get 3 years.
Android not Secure?
Facebook wins in court.
AT&T Security Service for Consumers.
Google News Grows.
Baby Named Like.
Sun Versus Comet = Sun Wins
Galaxy Windstorms.
FCC Cracks down on Reporting.
Senators not Happy with ICE Response.
Pirate Bay Server Upgrades.
Alt Operating Systems.
Microsoft to buy Nokia.
New DJ tools.
Gag USB Cable.
Car Tip.
Waterproof bags for your iPad.
WordPress App.
ChromeBook Thoughts.
TAX on SD Cards!
Leica Art.