Apple Accuses Android of Being a ‘Massive Tracking Device’ #1703

Apple Goes for Juggler

An internal Apple presentation, disclosed as part of the Department of Justice’s evidence in the ongoing Google antitrust trial, blasts Google’s approach to user privacy, mainly targeting Android as a “massive tracking device.” The 2013 presentation, revealed in an email by Apple’s Eddy Cue to CEO Tim Cook, suggests that Apple prioritizes user privacy more conscientiously by limiting data integration across services to enhance customer experience. Conversely, it accuses Google of utilizing extensive data combination practices across all its services, including voice search, contrasting it with Apple’s Siri, which keeps user data confined to the assistant itself. This unveiling adds a layer of complexity to the discourse on data privacy and big tech’s handling of user information. In reality, they all are getting a massive amount of information from us.

My other headline articles entail.

NASA+ Launches Free Streaming Service:

NASA has unveiled a new ad-free streaming service named NASA+, which will be accessible on most significant platforms from November 8. The service, which is free and requires no subscription, is an extension of its digital offerings and promises to immerse viewers into NASA’s missions with live shows and original series. It will be available via NASA’s iOS and Android apps and on streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, as well as on the web.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Trial Coverage:

Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, faced closing arguments in his trial for wire fraud and conspiracy charges. The prosecution presented strong written evidence suggesting Bankman-Fried’s misuse of FTX customer deposits, painting a picture of greed-driven fraud. Despite the defense’s efforts to depict FTX and Alameda Research as innovative businesses and to downplay the accusations as mere mistakes, the evidence, including Bankman-Fried’s admissions and financial discrepancies, seemed overwhelming. The defense’s attempts to shift the jury’s perspective appeared to fall flat, as the prosecution’s case was heavily supported by documents and witness testimonies.

Apple M3 Chip Analysis

The latest M3 benchmark figures suggest that Apple continues leading in the processor industry with its new M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips, demonstrating superior performance with lower power consumption compared to rivals like Intel and Qualcomm. The M3 chips are not only more energy-efficient but also offer remarkable performance enhancements over the previous M1 and M2 series, fitting high power into the sleek design of Macs. This advancement, along with Apple’s strategic integration across its product line and significant market share growth, indicates the company’s continued dominance in processor development and the potential for future innovation with the upcoming M4 and M5 processors.

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Show Notes:

Continued Summary:

I discussed how Facebook adds new tools for Reels creators to A/B test different thumbnails and captions. This will help creators optimize performance. Netflix and their ad-supported subscription tier will now allow downloads and even reward binge-watching by making every 4th ad-free episode.

Moving on to Microsoft news, I talked about their new industrial AI assistant working with Siemens, which aims to help human-machine collaboration in manufacturing settings. The goal is to optimize complex automation processes to speed up results.

In a big win for gig workers, Uber and Lyft were forced to pay $328 million to over 100,000 New York drivers as part of a settlement for wage theft. Drivers will now have guaranteed earnings floors and paid sick leave. However, I predict this will cause rider prices to increase in New York.

I then cautioned Fire TV users that Amazon plans to add more in-your-face banner ads to the home screen carousel. This continues their strategy of maximizing ad revenue despite people paying for the devices. I asked listeners to share if they’re seeing similar ads on other platforms like Roku or Apple TV.

The Brave browser has now launched its Leo AI assistant for desktop users. It lets you ask questions just by typing in a sidebar. This news concerns me as Google pushes its AI features front and center. I worry about how it may reduce traffic to independent sites like mine.

To get ahead of potential dangers, OpenAI has formed an internal group to monitor risks from AI systems like generating false information or enabling malicious uses. But I remain skeptical of their motives.

I highlighted potential new health-tracking features rumored for the Apple Watch, including blood pressure and sleep apnea detection. If true, these would be big upgrades to its already impressive health capabilities.

Other stories I covered included the Beatles releasing their final AI-restored song, PayPal receiving an SEC subpoena regarding its stablecoin plans, smartphone sales recovering, YouTube raising prices internationally, and Rocket Lab’s new target launch date for a Venus mission.

Overall it was a packed episode with around 30 tech stories. I tried to summarize the most interesting and relevant ones. Let me know if you have any feedback! Until next time…

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