NexPaq Modules Bring Versatility to IoT

NexPaq logoThe recent boom in smart, connected technology has given consumers more opportunities than ever before to command and control different devices. But if you want to bring the so-called “Internet of Things” into your home, you’re faced with potentially having to buy a small army’s worth of new devices to replace your old ones. What if there was a platform that allowed you to create your own IoT system using modules that could be configured to do almost anything? That’s what NexPaq is doing with its modular products.

Aylee met with Steve Safarowic, Chief Marking Officer of NexPaq. Steve showed off his company’s innovative system that uses modules to do specific things. First, he demonstrated a special smartphone case that interacts with the phone. Users can add modules to extend battery life or create programmable hotkeys to do certain tasks like turning on lights or making a phone call. NexPaq also has a standalone device that uses its modular system without a smartphone. NexPaq also has a developer kit that can be used to create new modules. Developers can even submit their modules to the NexPaq store where they could become available to sell to other NexPaq users. NexPaq smartphone cases and modules are available for purchase thru the NexPaq shop.

Aylee Nielsen is a video host who specializes in covering live events for Plughitz Live.

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