Toshiba Glass Free 3D TV Not Ready for PrimeTime

3D TV is great in theory except for one thing the glasses. The glasses are often bulky, expensive and lets face it most people don’t want to wear them. The dream scenario is glass free 3D TV.  Toshiba is attempting to creating such a TV using lenticular sheets of magnified lenses. At CES 2011

Tom Newman visited the Toshiba booth and a took at the Toshiba 3D glass free TV.   According to both his and other reviews, it is definitely a 1.0 product and is not ready for prime time. The picture is pixellated and lacks stabilization. The viewing angle is only 40 degrees, 20 degrees on both sides. There are 2 screens the 20″ which can be viewed up to 3 feet away and the 12″ which can be viewed up to 2 feet.

It also cost a lot of money, expected price for the 12 inch is $1400 and the 20″ is $2800, Samsung is offering a traditional 50 inch 3D with glasses at $990 according to PCW.   At this point those of us in the U.S. don’t have to worry about the price since it is coming out in Japan first and there is no release date for the U.S. Most people don’t expect glass free 3D TV to be ready for the public until 2015 at the earliest.

Interview by Tom Newman from Fogview

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