Secure Your Iphone or Ipod with ITatch

Are you afraid that you are going to drop your Iphone, Ipod or tablet device, then the ITatch maybe the device for you. It is one of those devices that when you see it you slap your head and wonder why someone didn’t think of it before. It is a lanyard with a suction cup at the end of it. Stick the suction cup on the back of your device and the lanyard around your neck and you are all set.

You will never drop your Iphone, Ipod or tablet again. The lanyard come in various colors including, black, blue, red, grey, white and green. It is created to be attached directly to the device so if you try to attach it to an iPod or iPad case it will fail. ITatch also offers the ability to customize the lanyards for schools or business.

There are two models the ITatch Ebook anchor for $14.95 and the ITatch which is $9.95. Both are available at the ITatch store. They are also looking for resellers for the product and offer a affiliate program. So if you want your Iphone, Ipod or Ebook readily available but still safe the ITatch maybe the answer.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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