Better Media Storage With The Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2

With the downfall of HP’s Media Smart Server, Netgear has stepped in to fill the void, but without using the Windows Home Server software.  The Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 (model# RNDU2000) has some impressive features to help it fill in for that recent departure.

The ReadyNAS line of servers has been among the industry leaders for some time, but with a new feature-set they have taken a big step into the future of the average, modern home.  This new offering highlights many media-centric offerings such as the backup of non-protected TiVo content, transcoding and streaming to devices using Orb, DLNA, Access files remotely using ReadyNAS Remote, and Backup data to the cloud using ReadyNAS Vault.

This will handle all of your backup needs – photos, music, videos, documents, and so on, and stream that content to mobile devices.  You can also schedule backups from PC’s and Mac’s.

There is no release date or pricing as of yet.