The Hunt for Big Bandwidth during CES 2010!

Big Bandwidth Needed in Las Vegas during CES 2010!

Every year at CES bandwidth has been a challenge as the geeks hit Vegas the bandwidth goes downhill quick!. In 2009 we spent our evenings at CNTRSTG in 2008 the Blogger Room which hosted great events and incredible bandwidth rumored to have cost 100,000 for 4 days of connectivity. Those sponsored venues have always provided monster bandwidth pipes allowing us to get dozens of video pushed online in a mater of a hour or two.

This year with the declining economy no such after hours venue exist at this time. This raises a real dilemma for our team, as we are in need of a significant bandwidth pipe to get all of the content out when we are not on the floor covering the show. We need a night time venue that has a BIG Pipe, to push content from. We can get a company one heck of a lot of exposure if they can make available that bandwidth in the “late” evening to push bandwidth from.

We are willing to travel within the city limits to get access to the connectivity… You may ask what qualifies as a big bandwidth we could meet our goals with being able to push 10-20 megs a second or higher for several hours. Contact me here and we can get your company exposure to the 15 million viewers that will watch our content created at CES over the course of 2010.

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  1. I may be able to help with tons of bandwidth for short period. I sell wholesale and can do monthly term. We have a pop in Vegas.
    Let me know who to talk with about logistics/quote.


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