United Airlines Introducing Co Pays on Mileage Upgrades

I received an email from United today introducing new Mileage Plus rules starting July 1st 2009. Having flown 90,000 miles with United this year I am a very loyal customer. I will easily break a 100k miles before the year ends.

Based on the new mileage plus rules to start in July 2009, it’s time to start looking at American Airlines or Delta again. These idiots are gonna implement a Co Pay when you use your hard earned miles to upgrade a ticket. Generally from Hawaii it cost 15,000 miles to upgrade from Coach to first one way. Starting July 1st not only will it cost you 15,000 miles you will also be required to pay a co pay based upon your class of ticket.

Not only that they are not going to refund miles on segments that are not approved when you request a upgrade.

I have choice of carriers when I fly, and I can guarantee you that these co-pays are going to have me look at other carriers. What a stupid idiotic thing to do. I have used mileage upgrades quite a bit this year.. But I am not going to pay a co-pay

United has for years had the worst first class cabin of all the Airlines that fly out of Hawaii. United considers Hawaii a domestic flight and the first class cabin is more like low end business. American and Delta beats them hands down when it comes to service and more importantly seats. I am not paying additional dollars when cashing in flight miles to sit in a seat that is marginally better than economy plus in regards to leg room.

I will vote with my wallet.. This is a great way to get rid of customers. Very dumb move United..

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