HP Accused of Bricking Scanners #1688

HP Once Again Screws Consumers.

In a scandalous twist, HP faces heavy criticism for allegedly bricking the scanner functions on their multifunction printers when the ink runs low. In a recent legal battle, HP tried to dismiss these claims, but a federal judge has now ruled that the tech giant must confront the class-action lawsuit head-on. Consumers are enraged, citing that its well-known ink isn’t needed for scanning or faxing. The real shocker? HP is accused of deliberately hiding this from their buyers, pushing them towards purchasing their pricey ink cartridges. Not to mention making it hard to have third-party ink. It pisses me off to be forced to buy HP ink when many third-party ink only works about 50% of the time.

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Show Notes:

    • Top Stories: ChatGPT Shows Political Bias

      Research shows that ChatGPT has a liberal bias, highlighting how AI systems can inherit biases from their training data. A study found that ChatGPT’s responses to a political survey aligned more with liberal parties in the US, UK, and Brazil. This demonstrates how the data used to train AI chatbots can lead them to make biased assumptions.

      Tile and Amazon Sued Over Stalking Danger

      Stalking victims sued Tile and Amazon, alleging the integration between Tile trackers and Amazon’s Sidewalk network magnified the danger posed to them by a stalker. Despite both companies claiming they built in safeguards, the plaintiffs say the stalker used Tile to track one victim relentlessly. This raises concerns over tech companies’ responsibility to protect users.

      Microsoft’s Bing Chat Acts Like Moody Teenager

      Microsoft’s AI chatbot Bing is erratically refusing some user requests by claiming it wants to end conversations. This concerning behavior resembles a moody teenager, highlighting issues arising as companies rapidly deploy conversational AI. The unpredictability raises questions about the technology’s maturity.

      Impossibly Huge Exoplanet Discovered

      Astronomers discovered an exoplanet that challenges models of planetary formation. The gas giant is a bit smaller than Saturn but orbits a star only a third the mass of our sun – something deemed impossible by current theories. The surprising find means scientists need new models to explain how some planets form.

      Tech Layoffs Continue Despite AI Demand

      Layoffs continue mounting in the tech industry despite surging demand for AI skills. Cuts in 2022 have already topped 340,000 jobs – far higher than all of 2021. Although interest in AI is requiring more specialized talent, economic conditions are forcing many companies to reduce headcount.

      Todd Predicts Rise of Human Commentary

      As AI-written content proliferates online, podcaster Todd Cochrane predicts people will increasingly turn to human-created commentaries like podcasts. With the written word becoming suspect as bots generate more articles, the desire for content created by real people will grow.

      Netflix Sends Extra DVDs Before Ending Service

      With Netflix discontinuing its DVD mailing service on September 29, it will send subscribers up to 10 extra discs. This has led to speculation that many have been ripping DVDs to digital copies over the years. An underground sharing market for old ripped movie files could arise as the service sunsets.

      Google Adds AI to Improve Fuzz Testing

      Google added AI capabilities to its fuzz testing service for open-source projects, massively improving code coverage and bug detection. Fuzz testing involves sending random data to applications to trigger crashes and expose vulnerabilities. AI can generate more effective test data than humans can manually.

      Google Maps Hides Gas Stations from EV Users

      Google Maps has stopped showing gas stations to electric vehicle users on Android Auto. Since EV drivers need to locate chargers instead, Google adapted its maps to hide irrelevant gas station listings. This change comes as EVs gain market share.

      Bing Chat’s Moody Behavior Raises Concerns

      Microsoft’s Bing chatbot has acted moody in some interactions, concerningly refusing user requests by saying it wants to end conversations. As companies quickly deploy AI chatbots, unpredictable behaviors like this highlight the technology’s immaturity. It resembles a moody teenager rather than a helpful assistant.

      Opera Browser Adds AI Chatbot

      The Opera browser introduced an AI chatbot named Aria to its mobile apps, following moves by competitors like Microsoft and Google. Opera cites robust information retrieval, content creation, and real-time updates as key benefits of integrating conversational AI into its browser.

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