Braven unveils Bluetooth speaker to rock your home


Bluetooth speakers seem to be a dime a dozen on the market these days, and some are better than others. Braven tends to rank up there among the better quality ones available. The company produces a range which even includes water-resistant models that are ideal for outdoor use. But what about filling the inside of your home with sound? That is now covered as well.

Braven is announcing the new model 805, which it deems an “ideal home speaker”. The latest offering comes in a variety of colors, enough to suit even the most finicky of tastes. Customers can choose from simple white or black, but also can opt for the more exotic, such as pink, orange and more.

“The BRAVEN 805 is more than a speaker; it’s an extension of your home”, says Valentine Lopez, Executive Vice President. “It is the only part of your home décor that allows you to enjoy your favorite music whether you like lounging in the living room, dining and cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the backyard”.

Braven claims the 805 will be available this month and the device will set you back $199, which isn’t a huge price for a good speaker. Plus if you’re attending CES 2015 then you can get a chance to preview it while there.