LiveU To Unveil LU70 Mobile Uplink Unit At NAB 2012 Show

New LU70 mobile broadcasting unit - image courtesy LiveU

Portable broadcasters will have a lot to digest at the 2012 NAB Show thanks to the newest LiveU video-over-cellular offering – the professional-grade LU70 Mobile Uplink Unit.

The big boost with this newest incarnation of LiveU’s backpack broadcasting unit comes in the antennae array on the LU70 – an internal/external arrangement designed to improve connectivity in less than desirable conditions. After all, a portable video broadcasting unit is only as good as its ability to get that signal.

“The internal antennas support a larger number of frequencies, ensuring enhanced signal performance with long-range reception and increased uplink capability, “ LiveU announced just days before this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. “The new external antenna array provides additional resiliency for extreme scenarios, such as heavily crowded locations. Boosted by its remotely-located antennas, the LU70 supports up to 14 cellular links simultaneously. The unit can automatically swap between internal and external antennas as needed, according to the network conditions.”

Other key improvements mobile broadcasters can expect in the new LU70:

  • One-Touch-Live (LiveU OTL™) mode with automatic adjustment of video resolutions for fast and easy live video transmission at the touch of a button;
  • Point to multi-point distribution, whereby a single device can broadcast live to multiple, varied destinations concurrently;
  • Increased throughput – over 10 Mbps for even better video quality; and
  • An instant Wi-Fi access point, providing wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi for areas with limited network connections.

LiveU also plans to showcase a custom implementation of its technology at NAB 2012 – the first ever mobile newsgathering vehicle with external antenna mounted on its roof. In conjunction with Washington D.C.’s WUSA 9 (Channel 9), LiveU will demonstrate the real-world effect of their technology on modern, mobile newsgathering.

WUSA 9 Director of Technology Victor Murphy elaborates on the benefits – “The [mobile newsgathering] vehicle offers us wider opportunities for covering breaking news and major events around the U.S., with satellite-like reliability. With the new antennas, we can depend on cellular-based transmission for primary news and events, such as major sports competitions, with much faster set-up time and lower overheads than traditional [satellite newsgathering] trucks.”

LiveU will present its full range of portable uplink solutions at the 2012 NAB Show, April 16-19, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth #SU9119. The external antenna will be demonstrated on WUSA 9’s mobile newsgathering car at LiveU’s booth.

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