RawVoice Generator Demo

Rob Safuto our marketing director at RawVoice put together a pretty good demo on our flagship product. I get 4–5 e-mails a week from people asking me to show them the back end of the engine that drives Blubrry.com, PodcasterNews.com, TechPodcasts.com and PodcastPromos.com

The RawVoice Generator (RVG) is built from the ground up to support the creation of a video or audio podcasting network or media delivery solution. The system supports iTunes, RSS, OPML and pinging right out of the box. The RVG can also auto-generate ID3 tag info and manage media file names so content publishers don’t need to do these things by hand every time they publish a show. These are just a few of the systems features

The RVG is available for license to organizations looking to build a podcast network or media based community without having to start coding from scratch. Feel free to contact us if you want to talk or see a more in depth demo of the system.