Nice try Splashcast but your still Hijacking my Feed!

Two Updates see additional notes at Bottom!

It seems the team over at Splashcast is trying to thread a needle. They want to continue hijacking RSS feeds while implementing some measures to try and make those of us calling them out go away.

Tonight they announced some pathetic changes to their website RSS feed hijacking the following is still occurring.

Splashcast2On the channel Page the Splashcast RSS links are still very predominant and are still being hijacked. Worse yet the hijacked feeds do not even have the enclosure elements carried over so items are being stripped from the feeds thus they are modifying the feeds!

The next thing that they have tried to do is placate us by making changes to the splashcast player, and display two RSS feeds on it. The fix is simple they need to move mashed up RSS feeds to users profile and Dis-associate these links from shows!



The above picture is the splashcast player that is on my show channel at Splashcast and once again they continue thread the needle and hijack my RSS feed and re-purpose it on this player while at the same time showing my actual RSS feed.  This is beyond confusing.

My team at RawVoice recognized these issues two years ago, when we were building the RawVoice Generator, and we knew to NEVER ever place a foreign RSS feed on a show profile page. For nearly 2 years we have allowed users to subscribe to multiple shows through our Patent Pending MyCast system. While this does create a custom RSS feed it is tied to the users account and is only shown on the users profile page allowing users to share their playlist. The listener on can listen or watch media in the same way the Splashcast system works but we don’t try to do any of this tricky stuff and embed a hijacked RSS feed into the player.

In fact the RawVoice player is built in such a way that people can surf the content of the shows that they are subscribed to with a direct link back to the source content.

One thing that they announced tonight is that they are going to work with FeedBurner to collect statistics on those splashcast RSS feeds. This is WRONG on so many levels. If I see a feedburner link or banner on my channel page I am going to call my lawyer!

If this is not resolved soon then we are going to have to move this to the next level. I am not kidding this kind of monkey business has to stop, and stop now. It is not hard to program the changes that need to be done.

 After all my company did it and we made a very specific effort to not Hijack any feed, yet maintain significant functionality of our player for those podcasters and listeners that are part of our podcast community.

The sooner Splashcast learns to respect the content creators listed in their podcast directory, the faster we can stop talking about the way they are doing business here.

They have issued a statement on their blog that goes far short in fixing the issues and will continue to make people see red. RSS Hijackers

Sp3Update: Well it appears they updated the channels page but they are still threading the needle the player remains the same but now they are putting the two feeds on the page.

These folks seriously do not get it. Why in the world would they do this?

Can someone talk some sense into them?




Update 2:  The hijacked feeds that are on the channels pages have been re-purposed and stripped and reformatted. The new feed contains some elements that are copied word for word from the primary feeds. Most disturbing some tags have been changed. I am no longer the author of my own show!

  • Copyright Notice – Stripped
  • Author changed to – SplashCast Feed Agent
  • Media Enclosure Removed
  • Title Stripped and changedGeek News Central Podcast by SplashCast Feed Agent — SplashCast Channel
  • Splashcast Links Inserted throughout Hijacked Feed

You can see the completely altered feed here and guess what thats the change they want to remain permanent.

I am getting 100’s of e-mails of support on this, and I thank everyone for their private comments and understand your reluctance to say things publicly.

One thought on “Nice try Splashcast but your still Hijacking my Feed!

  1. Rock on Todd…

    I was fine to let them work out the details on the feed. But changing the ID3 tags is taking it way too far. I posted this to their blog:

    “I was fine to let you work out the details until I found out that you are changing the ID3 tags in the file to remove the copyright, change author, etc. In the software world, that simply amounts to stealing. If I grabbed Microsoft Office, modified the source code to change the splash screen to be “Ed’s Office”, removed the EULA, added pop-ups to redirect people to my site, and then redistributed to anyone I could find… don’t you’d think I’d get in trouble? This is what you are doing with our podcasts.”

    Of course, I wonder how many other podcast directories are doing similar things be it the feed or the ID3 tags themselves?

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