Slappa Velocity PRO SPYDER Laptop BackPack Review

I have had a variety of Laptop bags over the past 10 years I have been humping assorted laptops all over the country. So when the newest Slappa Backpack arrived here, I did a transfer of my gear from my current shoulder bag to this new BackPack. I was concerned when I got it, as I initially thought it did not have enough pockets, well I was not disappointed as the interior compartments provided adequate room for all my gear including my 17 inch laptop and giant power supply

As many of you know I am back in college and having 2 very thick textbooks this term, I have been carrying them in a separate bag up to this point, and I smiled when the both went into the auxiliary compartment with room to spare. Every BackPack I have ever had the laptop has always been crowded, and even though the other bag designers have said they would handle a specific size laptop they seem to always be to small, and I was always worried that the edge of the laptop was gonna get smacked, with the Slappa BackPack you are not going to have to worry about that even with a 17 inch notebook, it fit perfectly and the restraining strap locked it in place with lots of padding around on all edges.

Now when some of my co-workers saw the bag they all had to come over and check it out and were pretty impressed. The bag has enough design elements to be really popular with the 30 and under crowd yet at the same time conservative enough for people my age I did not get any strange looks when coming into the office with it. The word out of my kids mouth though was dad can I have that bag? I do think they found a good balance in design. One concern I must say the picture of the bag on the Slappa home website does not do it justice, the website shows the spider design to be real bright which to me would be a negative if I had never seen it, the spider design is not bright and that is the reason I want to point it out. Seeing the bag under natural light the spider design blends in naturally.

Now here is a cool feature, want to carry a bottle of water or something you want to keep cool or super dry? On the backside it has a full length pocket with what appears to be a water resistant plastic lining, Slappa calls it a stay cool lining this is a feature I have never seen before, which increased the versatility and coolness factor of the bag.

For the 79.99 price it is a great value, the zippers are high quality and the material is going to weather very well, straps have enough padding to be comfortable over a single shoulder. Just walking into the office and having everyone check it out has resulted in 3 sales so I am sure it will not be long before I am not the only one in the building with the same bag. []

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