Geek News Central Podcast #36 2005-2-4

Great show for you with lots of content and you will all get to meet the professor tonight. He is a whacked out dude that will be introducing the show.

Did you get a Skype Voice mail invite and do you have one left. Want to make a Geek Happy I would love a Skype Voice mail invite. John Jenkins from Lansing Michigan won the $20.00 dollar contest, John I need your e-mail call the Voice Mail hot line, and leave me your address. Great suggestion to work on the shows Introduction!

Voice Mail Comment Line 619-342-7365
Skypme at geeknewscentral


Bye Startrek we are going to miss you!
Mosiac from the Rovers on Mars
New MSN Search Launch Congrats Microsoft!
New Feedster Design!
Skype on the Move!
FT Columnist says he scans Blogs for Scoops. List he reads
Music Plasma Article find Music your looking for!
Creative Blog Success!
Watch out for Pharming!
Spammers learn New Tricks!
Secret Kazaa Documents Revealed in Court (Ouch)!
MP3 Store to open no DRM restrictions!
MSN Messenger Hit by two worms!
Botnets Strangle Google Adwords?
Congress says no to Hubble Repair (crime)
Why you want your Search terms in the Top 30 results!
How MSN Search Works (Basic)
Home Windows Server expanded!
FeedDemon 1.5 coming soon!
Netcraft Anti Phising and Pharming tool!

Update: Fixed URL

Music by Brad Sucks at the track was Total Breakdown.

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