SAGO Cover Protects Your Apple Watch

SAGO Cover for Apple WatchThe Apple Watch ranges in price from $349 to $12,000 depending on which model you want and what kind of band you select. One would assume that people would want to protect this rather expensive smartwatch. There is currently a Kickstarter for the SAGO cover – a protective shell that fits over the Apple Watch and prevents it from damage due to impacts and scratches.

As is typical on Kickstarter, the SAGO cover will only be funded if at least $32,400 is pledged by the deadline (May 24, 2015). At the time I am writing this blog, a total of $340 has been pledged. It has 24 days to goal.

The SAGO cover comes in four colors: Blanc De Blanc (white), Glacier Grey (grey), Bermuda (green) and Hot Coral (red). Each color comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. The cover can be placed on the Apple Watch while the user is wearing it. There is a space in the cover that will accommodate the watch band.

The SAGO cover protects the digital crown, the touch display, the secondary input, and the heart rate sensor/charging contact (that is located on the back of the Apple Watch). Put the SAGO cover on the Apple Watch one way, and it covers the buttons that are on the side of the watch. Users that prefer to have those buttons accessible can flip the SAGO cover over so that the buttons are on the open side of the cover. It appears that people will need to remove the SAGO cover in order to view the display on the Apple Watch.

Some of the Kickstarter rewards for the SAGO cover include a microfiber pouch. It gives additional protection to the Apple Watch when it is put into a bag or purse and not being worn. The microfiber pouch can also be used to clean an Apple Watch.