Is Apple Warning to Vista Upgraders a Conspiracy?

FireI think the Apple clan are playing with fire in the companies latest posting on their website

“Apple recommends that customers wait to upgrade Windows until after the next release of iTunes which will be available in the next few weeks.”

Let’s look at this from a Consumers perspective. Windows users own iPods and Windows users are upgrading to Vista. Thus they expect products that are actively being supported to run on Vista.

From a consumer perspective this looks like a real stupid move by Apple. While Microsoft has responded quickly to provide a work around, Apple is appears to be playing a political game here in trying to make Microsoft look bad.

What Apple has effectively done is drive a wedge into those of us that are primarily Windows users. It’s not like they did not know the new operating system was coming.

2 thoughts on “Is Apple Warning to Vista Upgraders a Conspiracy?

  1. I completely agree with the above commenters. Why should Apple get all the flack? What about the MICROSOFT drivers that dont work in Vista? What about all the other developers out there that don’t have “vista capabale” devices or drivers? What about all the graphics cards that aren’t supported in Vista?

    I really feel it is unfair to Apple that these type of posts are being made on prominent blogs such as yours Todd.

  2. Todd,

    You know that I am a big Apple Fan hence my website and podcast. This is no way a fanboy comment though.

    I don’t know if I agree with you on this. Apple for one has a fix for download if you want to install vista and not wait for the new iTunes version to come out. Also you got to remember Vista as a system is DRMed big time, that is where some of the issue are arising. I would have to say that there is probably more Windows users who own iPods than there is Mac users who own iPods. So yeah there is people upgrading to Vista but also you got to look at it from that perspective I do not think that the majority of those Windows iPod users are actually upgrading to Vista. Vista caused issues when it was upgraded on systems, things like will and do happen, that the risk you run by installing, also Apple I am sure tested the current version of iTunes before vista came out to be sure it worked and for all we know it probably did work. NOT ALL Vista users are getting these iPod and iTunes issues only a small percentage. It always takes the small percentage though to make the biggest fuss that something was messed up. Apple like any company is trying to make sure that they are having good QA and making sure it works when it goes out.

    I am curious what *Fix* MS came out with. Apple is the one that made the iTunes/iPod patch for those currently upgrading Sorry for the long post here but also Apple could be asking people to wait as well. There have been a lot of rumors of stuff with Apple and possibly a new version of iTunes could coincide with a release of some kind Not trying to be the rumor mill here.

    Just look at it from all possible sides. MS is not always the evil company people make them out to be though sometimes they can be. The same goes for Apple.

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