Taking down 100,000 computers with a single command!

BSODThis is what happened to computers infected with the Zeus/Zbot. The creator of the botnet built into the malware a Kill switch that causes the infected computer to “BSOD”

The botnet owner executed that Kill command recently essentially killing over a 100k machines by a single click of a mouse.

The sad thing the owners of those machines are probably still clue less. The kill command built into the malware does some major damage. Data may not be lost but OS will likely need to be reinstalled.

So have you seen a BSOD recently?


  1. says

    What’s a BSOD? Kidding.

    I’ve never had a PC, but kernel crashes only happen once a year or every other year on my machines.

  2. JT says

    Thanks for this post. I actually wish all bots gave BSODs. I long for the days when a virus would delete your files or put up a message on the screen like “You’ve been stoned!” Most rootkits today are not very noticable to the user, aside from a slight slowdown.

    Background music to play while reading your post = “I’ve got the power!”