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Jam Up Turns iPhone, iPad into One Big Effects Pedal


I’ve seen multi-effect processors for iPad before. We did a CES interview on a stompbox. Positive Grid (positivegrid.com) is another company offering effects pedal for iOS. Today, they announced JamUp, a new multi-effect guitar app and guitar interface for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

JamUp gives guitarists access to many tones. They also have the  iTunes Jam Player and the very first sound-on-sound phrase sampler.  With 24 hybrid amps/effects, 16 user presets, sound-on-sound phrase sampler, iTunes player and more, you might be able to replace your large pedal board with an iPad or iPhone.

“JamUp is the must-have guitar app on iPad or iPhone for guitar players,” remarked Calvin Abel, Product Manager at Positive Grid. “It channels the traditional multi-effect pedal into one single guitar app with a good number of jamming and practice features, plus the stunning user interface and convenient form-factor, giving you the ability to completely transform your rig with this one app.”

You can choose from 6 historic amp models and convolution cab simulator, spring and digital reverb, tangy modulations, tape and digital delays, classic and fuzzy distortions, filters, compressors, noise gate and other essentials. JamUp also has “play along” capabilities. Capture loops and riffs and create sound-on-sound overdubs.

You will need the special adapter to connect the guitar into your iPhone, however, if you already have that device from another program, you can easily use it with JamUp.

Two versions of the software: JamUp Lite (Launch Special 30 days free) and JamUp Pro ($19.99) are available in iTunes App-Store now. JamUp Plug US MSRP is $39.95.