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Qi is Sparking a Wireless Charging Revolution

Qi Wireless Power Consortium logoYou know what Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are. Have you heard of Qi (pronounced chee)? The Wireless Power Consortium created, and maintains, Qi, which is the global standard for compatible wireless charging. Qi is backed by hundreds of industry-leading companies who support it because it allows design freedom, product differentiation and guaranteed wireless charging interoperability.

Scott spoke with Qi VP of Market Development, John Perzow, at CES 2016 at the Wireless Power Consortium booth. John explained some of the many things that Qi can enable. Qi provides an open, universal, charging standard. John discussed how Qi could be used to adapt a hotel room to match your personal preferences while your smartphone is charging. He also pointed out how Qi has automotive applications that are good for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

Scott Ertz is a software developer and video producer at F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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