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GNC-2009-05-29 #481 I lead off with PowerPress Update

Ok folks we have a Round Table coming up this weekend I hope you will stop by for the show. Details on the blog at TechPodcasts.com. Covered a lot of ground on this show ending with some amazing news about a Dutch music organization!

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PowerPress Update!

Show Topic Notes:
Palm Pre will Sync with iTunes!
Ultimate Chip Cooling
Party online likes its 1964!
ISS Image from Ground Telescope
Geek Gear!
Look mom no Finger Prints!
Zune HD Video and Overview
Hulu had a reason for putting Boxee in Penalty Box!
Wikipedia blocks Scientology IP’s
Woz amazed at Microsoft’s Bing.com
The Secret Newspaper Honcho Meeting to retake the world.
What Model of Camera is This?
New Mars Rover Named!
Soyuz off to ISS with 3 more Crew Members!
If you got this Ticket you would be mad.
Closest Supernova in 5 Years!
This is how F111 dumps Fuel
EFF comes up with some Instructional Material.
FCC to deal with Rural Broadband
Spam Levels reaching 90%
Acer Windows Home Server great Price!
Windows 7 SSD Performance.
Scan your Prints when leaving the US.
DNS should remain in US Control?
AT&T CEO says Data Consumption on Mobile Networks Killing Them!
Dutch Music Firm Gamble with Artist Earnings.
Honolulu Electronic Voting results in 6% turn out!

Why I Don’t Trust Wikipedia

This is not a political post; I could have easily used any other Wiki example to make my point.

It has been revealed that in the 24 hours preceding the announcement of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican party, an intentionally deceptive “Young Trigg” amended the Wikipedia entry pertaining to her. A rather unremarkable entry turned into something overly glowing and complimentary. More than 30 edits were made in the hours leading up to the big announcement regarding Palin, and several hundred have been made since.

The powers that be at Wikipedia have now blocked changes and have amended some of “Young Trigg’s” additions to Palin’s bio, but they have not removed all of the changes. The day of the announcement, my coworker went straight to Palin’s Wikipedia entry and read it out loud so we could all hear it. At the time I thought, “Wow, what a bio!”

As an academic, I’ve been reluctant to use Wikipedia for anything of importance. The information contained in wiki entries is suspect at the very least, and blatantly wrong at its worst. On a personal level, my husband, a retired Ringling Clown, is listed in a short list of clowns on a Wikipedia entry about clowning. It appears as if he is one of 20 amazing and incredible people in the clowning industry. I can tell you this not the case and there are hundreds more clowns with much tighter and impressive resumes than him. I did not make the wiki entry and neither did he;the person who did is unknown to us and even though I’ve asked them to amend the entry, they have not.

As an instructor, I do not allow Wikipedia entries to be used in a bibliography, and I would never use them as a conclusive resource for anything, no matter how small or large. There is just too much room and allowance for questionable amendments to make me comfortable trusting it as a source of information.

Dynamics of the Wikipedia

There has been a lot written about the Wikipedia lately and most of it pretty negative. So today when I saw Dave Winer link to an essay on the subject I expected another flame fest. But what has been posted is a viewpoint that I am sure many of us will agree on. A key phrase that starts the article gives you some indication of where he is gonna go in the write up

“The hive mind is for the most part stupid and boring. Why pay attention to it?”