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GNC-2010-09-03 #607 What till you see the Bear!

Ok folks I am back from the Set Top Box Conference, only a few tidbits in todays show, I will have a full rundown on Mondays show. Lots of fun stuff plus a whole lot of tech. I introduce a very valuable finders fee for the show that could put a lot of money in your pocket listen for details. I am making a few small changes to the show.. Nothing major just playing around with the format a little.

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Insider / Ohana Links:
Nasa App HD
Wrist Computer.
YouTube top wage earners not so big.
Google real time search for Business.

The Geek’s Show Links:
Bow and Arrow to deliver Mobile Device?
Adult Texting.
Phones in Hotel Rooms Why?
Email Signature.
Scoble Quit?
Powerline Networking at 500mbps.
Facebook Remote Kill.
Hands on Twitter.
Arc Touch Mouse.
Kidney Machine!
Night Light Leads Cancer.
Is iPod getting Old?
Apple Mobile Browser Share Growing.
NASA flies Drones over Hurricane.
Google Wave Open Source.
YouTube to Break Even.
Hurt Locker Extortion Begins.
Netgear + Roku!
Verizon Prepaid Smartphone data Plans.
Did your Twitter App Break.
Hotmail moves ahead.
Great Firefox Review.
HP Brings on 3D in Laptop.
Viral Video Ad Value.
Whats next for Howard Stern?
VOX Blog Rip in 27 Days.
You have to see the Bear!
Death in Space.
Cake Invoice.
1 Million Pings!
November iPad Update Info Page.
No Update for Original Apple TV
Beer Ice Caddy DIY.

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GNC-2007-12-21 #327

Special Edition of the Geek News Central Podcast recorded during the 24hr Podcast. All the regular great coverage plus the live components which were a lot of fun.

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Listener Links:
Interesting Trekkie Podcast
For those of you with Ink Issues with Printers
CSS Selector Test
IE Passes Acid2 Test
Airline Travel Resource
Microsoft vs Google over Office

Show Notes:
Mark Cuban Facebook Strategy
Doug Kaye on real Time Web
Congress finally to equal playing field in Radio
23 iTunes add on’s
OLPC Unboxing
Real Blue Man
Deep Impact new mission approved
Compaq and HP Bricking Bug
Stupid guy gets what he deserves
Unix Admin Pleads Guilty on Power Grid Sabotage
Nokia N96 in the wild
Micorchip can detect Tumors
A really good WiFi picture frame
IE8 and Browser Wars
Kent Nichols Ask a Ninja Blog
Digg is DOA
Steal my Content and Pictures Please
Think Secret and the Apple Gestapo
S3 as a end user product
Bet Winner NYT versus Weblogs
FCC Votes to Relax Ownership Rules

Cool Things I found
Six reasons to slow down eating
Fuel Economy and big Cars
Tires with Microchip Sensors
Don’t like shoes in the house?

State of the Blogsphere update is online!

Some very interesting trends in the Blog space, as David Sifry releases his now famous report on the State of the Blogsphere. What I find really disturbing is the ongoing creation of Splogs by 100’s of thousands that are cluttering up the Web. With all of the free blogging services, it is almost impossible to stop the activity. Let’s just hop folks like Technorati and others can keep up with the proliferation. [Technorati]

More Weblog Search Sites joining the Party

I have not really been watching my raw log files for blog specific search engines, at least not until today when I found and article about a new blog that had not yet been discovered by the big search engines and was able to look at the traffic for a couple of days before getting slammed by the big boys.

I was aware of most of these sites but had not paid much attention to them, I think though it is time for a closer look. [Labnotes]

These are the Blog only specific search engines that have been crawling the Labnotes website feedster, icerocket, blo.gs, syndic8, blogpulse, blogslive, topicblogs, and omni-explorer.