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MST3K Streaming on Vimeo


With the demise of Justin.TV, so went the channel that streamed (albeit, probably illegally) Mystery Science Theater 3k 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well, chin up fellow fans of the Satellite of Love and all it’s crew, you can now watch the show over on Vimeo!

The folks at MST3K and Vimeo have managed to get 80 episodes available for rental or own. (Who knew Vimeo had movies to rent/own?) Rumor has it that eventually all 197 episodes of the series will be available to watch.

Rentals will cost you $2.99 per episode and $9.99 if you want to buy it. You can get them all for $300.

Winner, winner chicken dinner! Head on over to the site and get yourself a healthy helping of Joel, Crow, Tom, and Mike.

Mystery Science Theater 3K on Vimeo

Vimeo Helps You Avoid What You Don’t Want to See

Vimeo logoWhat’s in that video you are about to watch? Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell, at first glance, exactly what you are in for. Not everyone is comfortable with certain kinds of content. Vimeo has taken that into consideration. Now, you can set your content preferences and avoid the things you don’t want to see.

Start by going to your settings page on Vimeo. You can click a bubble to indicate the types of content that you would like to avoid. Some options include: “Don’t show mature content”, “Don’t show unrated”, “Don’t show violence”, “Don’t show nudity” and more. Those who want to see it all can continue to do so. Just click the bubble marked “Show me everything”.

The purpose of the content preferences was to make Vimeo friendly and accessible to all audiences. I can see where the settings would be very useful for people who are watching Vimeo videos with children. It could also help prevent a person who is in a public place (like a coffee shop) from accidentally selecting a video with content that may be inappropriate for some of the people around them.

Personally, I find that I enjoy using the internet a lot more when I have the ability to control what types of content I encounter. There are certain types of content I would prefer to avoid. I think it is wonderful that Vimeo is including the option to filter out the types of content that you just don’t want to see.

Vimeo On Demand Supports Creators

Vimeo On Demand LogoVimeo has come up with a very interesting way to support video creators. It’s called On Demand. The purpose is to help video creators sell their films and episodic series by providing them with a way to monetize their work. Vimeo is offering a 90/10 split of revenue. The video creator would keep the 90% (after transaction fees). Vimeo will cover all delivery costs.

Vimeo On Demand is being offered exclusively to Vimeo PRO members. It includes:

* A customizable page design

* You can sell your work for the price you want (starting at $0.99).

* You can sell your work from anywhere you want – including from your own website. You get the option of selling your work only from your own domain (and not having it appear on Vimeo at all) if you want.

* Your work will be available online and on popular mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs in full HD.

* You can choose your audience (select a country, or choose “worldwide”).

* It is possible to allow people to buy your work, to rent your work, or both.

Vimeo has a Best Practices page that gives further details. Again, you must have a Vimeo Pro account to get involved with On Demand. You also need a verified PayPal account, “work that you’re proud of”, a poster and trailer for your work and an “entrepreneurial spirit”. Vimeo also wants you to make sure you have all the rights to the work you want to sell and/or rent.

GNC #692 Sweltering Hot!

OMG is it hot here in Texas. A cool 114 degrees today and no relief in site. Shutting down the AC in my room to do the show was not so fun… Think I had some brain melt going on. New contest tonight listen and find out how you can win a Google TV!

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Vimeo adds Mobile and HD to Site CES 2010

Vimeo is a well known video portal, and like other video portals they have announced that they are now supporting HD content content creators can now submit videos in full 1080p. They are also making available to all their plus customers mobile versions of all their content that can be viewed through a iPhone or other mobile devices. My content is syndicated on Vimeo and I am pretty happy to see them make the move to HD.

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