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GNC-2007-08-21 #295

I am officially on a mini vacation but the show must go on. Lots of interesting tech tonight with a little bit of good to know information.

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Show Notes:
Space Shuttle on Way Home
Cool Space Information
Protect your Produce
MACY Credit Card?
Netflix Notes
Windows Home Server is coming
Coupon Hacker Sued for Deleting Files
SETI WOW Signal Explained
Skype Blames Windows of Course!
Want a $4500 iPhone Bill Travel Internationally
iPhone Hacking Software
Internal Linking Scam
New Version of Tubes
Update State of Internet Radio
iPhone Hacking Step by Step
Robin Good had Google Love Again
HD-DVD Adoption by Dreamworks
AT&T $10.00 DSL Easier to Subscribe to
Some Question Skype Outage
MixTape DJ Replacement Plan
iPhone users in Vermont get canceled by AT&T if Caught
RIAA may be in Trouble on Legal Proceedings