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See You at Blogworld and New Media Expo!

This will be the 5th year my team from RawVoice has exhibited at BlogWorld and New Media Expo. It is where we go put names and talent to faces, and is where we have a chance for us to give back and share our wisdom on where New Media is headed. For those that attend it is 3 days of information packed sessions, networking and in many cases a reunion with folks you only get to see once or twice a year.

In Booth 516 we will be sharing not only what we do but also about the new media distribution platforms. The media space is changing at a rapid pace, and we will get you dialed in on where it is headed and how to stay on the right track.

On Saturday, I will be presenting at a track that is entitled “The Triple Play Streaming, Podcasting and Blogging as a way to accelerate your Shows Growth and Distribution” please add my session to you list of session to attend. The title of the session is a mouthful for sure, but let me share with you a little of what I will discuss and why you should attend.

The past 12 months have seen an evolution in the blogging, podcasting and streaming media space, I will lay out a formula, to growing your audience and talk about the new distribution platforms. I will share trade secrets and strategies of podcasting that only my 6 years of experience behind the mic can impair. I will tie this all together and you will walk away understanding the importance of streaming your shows and how it is the gateway to Over the Top TV. I will show you how I grew an already large audience by 150% in 9 months with the Triple Play. I will show you how content distribution channels like the Roku, Boxee and coming Google TV is changing New Media and what to expect over the next 5 years.

This will be the most important session you will want to attend at the show, I don’t say this lightly because some of the things I will reveal are going to make you re-think your media strategy for the next 36 months.

In another session, My partners Angelo Mandato and Brian Yuhnke are going to get down to basics with you in a fun session entitled “Blogging and Podcasting Sitting in a Tree… Optimizing a WordPress site for your Podcast” this will get into the nitty-gritty of what many content creators ignore. Find out what causes the cream to rise to the top, you may be surprised at how easy it really is through tweaks, tips and tricks of getting your site dialed in to make sure your listeners and viewers can tune in.

If you have not purchased your plane tickets or pass to BlogWorld and New Media Expo you need to get off you butt and do so now! This is  “the event” to be at, if you are podcaster, blogger and fall into any category of user-generated content. Unlike the disarray and forking happening at Podcamps across the country if you want to focus on New Media this is the show you need to be at. See you in Vegas!

Tech Podcast Network Live Show #2 at NBC Universal during CES 2010!

A great lineup of guest for our second live streamed event from the NBC Universal Main Stage @ CES 2010. A big thanks to the NBC Universal Staff and our friends over at NBC for letting us host this event from their main stage. I should also mention the folks from Sharp and their sponsorship of the New Media Lounge that we used as well.

On event #2 we have everything from robotic pets with a personality to green devices from C. Crane. A fun show as always here is the full lineup!

CES 2010 Day Four Wrap Up Show

Ok folks CES 2010 is a wrap but we have 150+ interviews to get processed and pushed online. The regular podcast feed will go back to MP3 only starting with tomorrow nites show.

The last day Vegas is always a kind of cleanup day in that we hit the few remaining areas that we miss. Our pick of the days is a company, I completely forgot about. Kara how has been keeping us on schedule all week actually found our pick of the day.. Cool product, check the interview out after the wrap up show.

CES 2010 Day Two Wrap Up Show

The team has been putting in a huge amount of hours and we did our wrap up show with a special guest from Sony. We also introduce our Day 2 pick of the day which is a interesting service that Andy discovered while searching the floor for unique products and services. Learn a little about what Sony has going on along with some pretty cool other products we review.

Also we think that you are going to love the discovery Jeffrey made.

CES 2010 Day One Wrap Up Show

CES 2010 Day One coverage is in the can and I can tell you we already have over 80 interviews. This is a record number, working with 2 full teams on the ground is going to create a lot of content that we will be putting online for several weeks following show. Of the 40 interviews done today excluding the 40 other interviews done at Digital Experience and CES unveiled the top 9 products we found on the show floor is highlighted below plus our pick of the day!

Investment Time at Geek News Central

govideo09Over the past 18 months as you know I have been investing time and dollars and working through the challenges of putting out a decent video product. Up to this point it has largely been an experiment to see what works, and what doesn’t. I am geographically challenged here in Hawaii in that when I record my shows a large percentage of my audience is sleeping, thus live video has had its limitations.

While on travel last month, I decided to start posting the full video recording of the show to Blip.Tv and YouTube when I am recording in Hawaii. I will be doing this for the foreseeable future. With the capitol investment in the Tricaster last year, it has allowed me a lot of flexibility in streaming and post processing.  While the time investment to do this is significant I feel over the long haul I will be better prepared for the shifting dynamics on how the world will be consuming content.

With that commitment I have decided to put some significant capitol expenditures to bring the video quality in line with the audio portion of the show. This will start with professional lighting and significant work to the studio to make it more camera friendly. Ultimately if my office/studio is simply not adaptable enough I am prepared to convert a portion of a 30×30 garage space I have to a new studio. The general contractor I had in yesterday laid out my options and we will be weighing the need to move forward on that.

Being I am a one man show, there is only so much I can do when I am live.  Now that my son and daughter are getting older they are going to be taking a more active role with the video production which will let me focus on the content, plus they will get some serious production experience which if this pans out will lead to something bigger as they decide what they are going to do in life.

The Audio portion of the show will remain the main primary focus as is it pays the bills, so don’t worry that is a successful formula that is not about to be touched. The video portion of the show will be an ongoing work in progress, and while the content of the video portion of the show will remain the same, we may experiment with removing certain elements from the video version that are in the Audio. The reasons are quite obvious, to date there are no one man video tech shows without outside interaction that have reached significant audience numbers that put 75 minutes of content on the net twice a week.

While I have an idea for a segmented show, the resources and time to produce that are not there yet. At some point I may tap the resources here in Hawaii and bring in some help.  But until then it will be a work in progress. As I improve the lighting and work on the video format I am sure you will provide me the feedback I need to make it work.


BlogWorld and New Media Expo Speaker!

BlogWorld09_150px_SpeakerIn just a few weeks the Blogger and Podcaster event of the year gets underway in Las Vegas Nevada. BlogWorld and New Media Expo is now a combined event where Bloggers and Podcasters get to hang out together in a single event.

Not only will I be speaking but my company RawVoice will be exhibiting, we have some great swag to give away that we predict will be the coolest show swag at the event.

I will be speaking on Saturday at 11:30 on the topic “How to prep your show to make it Advertiser Friendly”.  This is a session you will not want to miss, bring your pens because five years of experience in the podcast advertising space allows me to bring real experience and not just theory to the table.

Sadly we will miss talking with the folks from Podtrac and Wizzard Media who are competitors of ours in the space, but have opted to not exhibit this year for unknown reasons.

Make sure you stop by our booth Friday as we will be handing out tickets to a special event we are having Friday evening as well.

We are well prepared to talk to bloggers about the benefits of podcasting and they should stop by and have a chat with us as we have some cool ideas to share. You will want to get one of our custom-made T-Shirts as well that we feel will be a major hit.

See you in Vegas!