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Tiffen Offers Steadicam Smoothee Bonus Pack

Tiffen logoThe Steadicam division of The Tiffen Company is offering something special for fans of the Steadicam. It is a Steadicam Smoothee bonus pack. When purchasing a Steadicam Smoothee, users can now enjoy two mounts for the price of one. The new bonus pack features a mount for iPhone 5/5s and a mount for GoPro HERO cameras. This equates to a $24.95 USD bonus value. You get even more stability at no extra cost.

The Steadicam Smoothee is lightweight, agile, and easy to use. It features an innovative, patented design that is built around a durable mono-frame metal structure. The handheld stabilizing solution ships with an easy-to-use interchangeable mount for expanded camera options. The Smoothee can also be used with an iPhone 3Gs/4/4s/5/5s, iPod Touch, and GoPro HERO 2, 3, and 3+. Right now, the Steadicam Smoothie, with the bonus pack, retails for $149.00 USD.

Have you seen the Apple commercial that is called “Powerful”? The Smoothee was featured in it. There is a short scene where a man is using a Steadicam Smoothee to film a band that is playing in the street. It starts at about 0:55 and ends at around 0:58.


Tiffen shows off home and pro media devices

tiffen logoIf you are looking to produce media at any level then you will likely want to check out some of the products from Tiffen. The company has solutions for both amateur and pro.

The first thing the company showed off was a very small teleprompter that can be used by a home broadcaster. Tiffen also produces the Steadicam — however, the company now has a consumer branded Steadicam Smoothee which retails for $149 and can even work with a smartphone. Different mounts will cost extra, but are affordable. You will also learn a bit about the mobile photo apps in the video.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

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