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A Little Twitter Cleaning

I finally did it. I went into Twitter and cleaned out all the dead profiles. Not an easy task either – lots of clicking involved. Nonetheless, I removed over 300 profiles I was following.

In the last couple years I’ve been on Twitter, I have tried different ways to get my stuff across. For a time I sat there and followed everyone that followed me. You did gain more followers, but it really was a 2:1 ratio.

Therefore, today I decided to clean up who I was following. These were profiles I never saw pass across the twitter page. There were also dead profiles, such as pownce – the twitter clone that was sold to six-apart – and Summize – the company that was bought by Twitter.

Oh yeah. I also got rid of all the “Color War” teams I was on. Sorry Green team, but that was soo 2008…

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Ever since the article saying people don’t continue on with Twitter after a year made me realize that I am following profiles that are really not going to post.

Only problem is, Twitter makes it almost impossible to find those people.

This has been a problem from the start – Twitter gives you a list of who you are following and are following you, but that list is 25 people at a time with no filters. I can’t sort in an alphabetical order, I can’t sort by date joined. I have to go into each profile to find out when they last posted.

It’s really irritating when I just want to clean up my list. Especially when I start hitting limits. I can’t expect the user on the other end to actually “Close the account”. Heck – I’ve done that on a site or two, myself. When you forget about something….

After about an hour of clicking, I knocked down about 300 dead profiles or just profiles that I have no interest in. My following now matches the followed. I plan to keep it that way for a while.

I hope….