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Angry Birds Star Wars Lands on Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Depending on what time zone you live in you may or may not have been ready to grab a copy of Angry Birds Star Wars when it blasted onto mobile platforms and computers at 11pm PST last night, complete with an online launch event.  Rovio even held a live-streaming event for those who were awake at that hour, which I suppose was morning in Finland where Rovio is based.

From that Scandinavian country the company has reached out and dominated the mobile markets on Android and iOS devices and even is available now on Windows Phone and OSX and Windows computers.

The last big release from the Finnish game studio, Bad Piggies rocketed to number one on the download charts in under three hours, making it the most successful release in history, surpassing Angry Birds Space.  At the same time, the original Angry Birds game remains in the most popular download list in the Google Play Store.

You can grab a copy now.  There are both free and paid versions.  You will find some very different birds here thanks to the Star Wars branding. The game play, while similar to Angry Birds Space, is also a bit different thanks to the George Lucas (recently purchased by Disney) influence.

Rovio Releases Most In-Depth Angry Birds Space Trailer Yet

In just a few days, on November 8th, Rovio will launch what will perhaps be their most ambitious game so far – a mashup of Angry Birds and Star Wars, the Lucas Films franchise recently purchased by Disney.  They have been relentlessly teasing the new game over the past month, starting with simple video clips of the original 1977 movie and then moving on to reveal bits and pieces of the gameplay and characters.

Today, the Finnish game maker revealed the most detailed trailer yet, showing more of the actual characters and gameplay.  The company also announced a live launch event scheduled for 11pm PST on November 7th, which will be broadcast live at http://rov.io/abswlive.  A few lucky fans will even get to join Rovio live on camera  for the big launch.  The game will be available on iOS and Android, with Windows Phone coming shortly.

“Join Rovio and Lucasfilm executives, game developers and artists for a special Angry Birds Star Wars game-launch Hangout live this Wednesday, November 7, at 11pm PST. Rovio and Lucasfilm teams will take you behind-the-scenes of the new collaboration, including an inside look on how the game was developed.”

Party With My Friends

As it’s the weekend, and a long one at that in many countries round the world, perhaps Todd will forgive this piece of total brilliance. DJ Duo Hot Problems have taken lip-syncing to a whole new level with the video from “Party With My Friends” in a Star Wars sing-along. Of course, it’s also Star Wars-day today!

Sheer genius, even if you don’t like Star Wars that much.

U.S. Homeland Security Shuts Down BitTorrent P2P Site

U.S. Homeland Security Shuts Down BitTorrent P2P Site
Ten people suspected of involvement with the EliteTorrents webserver were served warrants by homeland security agents. According to the U.S. government agency, this is the first criminal enforcement action taken against violators of copyright law who use the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file swapping software. The operation, codenamed D-elite, targeted administrators and content providers working through the EliteTorrents website.

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