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Spotify Launches Personalized AI Playlists That You Can Build Using Prompts

Spotify announced that Spotify Premium users can now turn any idea into a personalized playlist with AI Playlist in Beta. From their newsroom:

We know that discovery happens on Spotify, with nearly two billion discoveries happening on our platform every day. Features like our AI DJ and duelist power those discoveries and bring fans closer to the artists they love. Now we’re providing Spotify Premium subscribers with another tool to fuel discovery and music curation. With AI Playlist in beta, you can effortlessly turn your most creative ideas into playlists.

Starting with users on Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia, creating a new playlist with AI Playlist is as simple as typing a unique prompt into the chat. Looking for “an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug,” “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season,” or “a playlist that makes me feel like the main character”? AI Playlist has you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert playlist creator, AI Playlist pairs our powerful personalization technology with AI to deliver that perfect musical mix, just for you.

TechCrunch reported Spotify already found success with its popular AI DJ feature, and now the streaming music service is bringing AI to playlist creation. The company Monday introduced into beta a new option called AI playlists, which allows users to generate a playlist based on written prompts.

The feature will initially become available on Android and iOS devices in the U.K. and Australia and will evolve over time.

In addition to more standard playlist creation requests, like those based on genre or time frame, Spotify’s use of AI means people could ask for a wide variety of custom playlists, like “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse,” Spotify suggests. Prompts can reference all sorts of things like places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors or emojis. The company notes that the best playlists are generated using prompts that contain a combination of genres, moods, artists and decades, however.

Spotify also leverages its understanding of users’ tastes to customize the playlists it makes with the feature.

Mashable reported artificial intelligence is ramping up on Spotify. First, the company launched its AI DJ. Now, select users can use AI to help create personalized playlists based on niche prompts — even simply using emoji.

Spotify Premium users can enter promote that will generate AI playlists, a feature now available for subscribers in the UK and Australia on Android and iOS devices. The AI Playlist is currently in beta, and will allow users to type in unique prompts to create said playlists.

In my opinion, Spotify is making it easier for people to create their own playlists on Spotify. Although the feature is currently limited to a few countries, it will likely result in interesting, personal, playlists that are created by AI.

Spotify Updates Home Feeds

Spotify announced an upcoming update to Home Feeds. It’s not out yet – but will be made available soon.

Spotify’s Home is a go-to-spot to find new recommendations and revisit recent favorites. And with an upcoming update to Home, users will get a gateway to great content they will love – from tried-and-true playlists to new artists and thought-provoking podcasts.

This week, Spotify is launching a new Home experience that includes feeds for both Music and Podcast & Shows. The feature is currently rolling out to Android users and will soon be available on iOS. By creating these feeds, Spotify will help listeners to easily scroll through the type of content they’re looking for at that moment. The updated interface will make the experience more personalized while allowing users to dig even deeper into their recommendations.

The Music Feed will give listeners quick access to suggestions based on their music tastes. There will also be album and playlist recommendations as well as new buttons to make it easy to share, like, and instantly play music.

In the Podcast & Shows feed, listeners will be able to head straight to new episodes of their favorite shows. They’ll also find personalized podcast recommendations. Listeners will be able to read episode descriptions, save to Your Episodes, or start playing podcasts without leaving the page, so the experience all starts from one place.

TechCrunch reported that Spotify said that the new Home experience is currently rolling out to Android users and will soon be available on iOS. TechCrunch also reported that you can hit the “X” on the music or podcast feed to exit the feeds and return to the Home experience.

According to TechCrunch, Spotify to date has defined itself by advanced personalization and recommendation technology, so it’s no surprise that the company is adding new feeds focused on personalized music and podcasts.

9To5Mac reported that the update will be available in the coming weeks for iOS devices. You can download the Spotify app for free on the App Store. It requires an iPhone running iOS 13 or later. There are also versions for Apple Watch and Apple TV.

If your personal preference is to listen to music and podcasts on Spotify, you have nothing to lose by trying out the new Home Feeds. Maybe you will find some great new artists and podcasts.

Overall, if you really love music, the best thing to do is purchase it. This can be easily done through sites like Bandcamp, or through the official website of your favorite bands. Spotify provides a service that many people enjoy. But that doesn’t mean it will always have your favorite songs – especially if an artist chooses to remove their work from Spotify.

Spotify Becomes the First Music Streamer to Launch on Roblox

Spotify announced today that they are introducing Spotify Island in Roblox. It is described as “a paradise of sound where fans and artists from all over the world can hang out and explore a wonderland of sounds, quests, and exclusive merch.”

Spotify is the first music-streaming brand to have a presence on Roblox, a virtual universe where users can create and play games and share experiences with friends. Through this interactive world, we’re creating a place where fans can link up and create new sounds together, hang out in digital spaces, and gain access to exclusive virtual merch. Spotify Island is an audio oasis that has it all.

According to Spotify, Roblox users can mingle with artists, complete interactive quests, and unlock exclusive content. Players can enjoy an immersive audio experience by creating music and exploring sounds at the virtual beat-maker stations powered by Soundtrap. The island will have other musical Easter eggs for users to discover. Users can even climb to the top of “The Charts” by collecting points.

In addition, Roblox users will have the chance to collect the heart-shaped “Like” icon, which can be exchanged for merch. Spotify says that music artists can connect with fans through Spotify Island, and partner with Spotify on the creation of in-game virtual merchandise. Spotify’s portion of those sales will go directly back to the artists themselves.

Roblox states that Roblox’s mission is to bring the world together through play. “We enable anyone to imagine, create, and have fun with friends as they explore millions of immersive 3D experiences, all built by a global community of developers.” In addition, Roblox is ranked as one of the top online entertainment platforms for audiences under the age of 18 based on monthly visits and time spent.

Parents who have concerns about their child playing Roblox can learn how to keep their child’s Roblox account more secure, and how to keep their child’s account private. There are parental controls available on Roblox.

TechCrunch reported that initially, four free items can be unlocked by completing missions around Spotify Island, by doing things like playing sounds within the world’s crystal cave and on a trampoline, or collecting the musical notes sprinkled throughout the island. TechCrunch has an image of a block-like figure who has a colorful, light green, guitar that has been covered with a variety of stickers.

According to TechCrunch, there is an Easter egg that can be unlocked by players who collect enough little hearts. This Easter egg will change the island from daytime mode to nighttime mode for the individual player. There are also glow sticks on the ground players can pick up to leave light trails behind them as they run around. A leaderboard will track the hearts collected by various island visitors.

Personally, Spotify Island sounds like fun, and I think most people will enjoy it. I really like that some of the merch sales will go to the musical artists. It feels like Spotify is attempting to be ethical and is supporting artists via Spotify Island. I definitely prefer this sort of merch over NFTs, especially since Roblox includes players who are children.

Joe Rogan’s podcast disappears from Spotify for unknown reasons

Joe Rogan has been in the news a lot lately, mostly not for good reasons. It began mostly with his stance against the Covid-19 vaccination and the accusations of the hype he gave to alternative medicine, along with providing a platform for people with questionable beliefs. 

It reached a peak when a video was compiled and released of about twenty of the countless times, he has used a particular racist slur during the course of his shows, some of which have since been removed from the Spotify database. He then garnered more attention just a few days ago with his history of homophobic slurs coming to light. 

People began calling for the removal of his show from the Spotify airwaves, but, despite the protest departures of high-profile musicians like Neil Young, did not happen. Spotify, having reportedly invested $200 million in the contract, declined to take him off. 

However, today the show disappeared from the music company’s library without any explanation. It isn’t just missing a new episode, all past ones are also gone. 

Without any comment thus far from the broadcaster, it’s impossible to speculate on why the show is gone. Did Spotify intentionally remove it or is it simply a system problem on their end? We would expect an announcement soon.  

Spotify Upgraded its Premium Family Plan

Spotify announced that it has upgraded its Spotify Premium Family Plan. New changes make it easier for families to filter out things that they don’t want their children to listen to.

With our updated plan, Spotify Premium Family subscribers have on-demand access to 450,000 podcast titles and 50 million tracks of ad-free music. What’s more, parents will now be able to control the Explicit Content Filter setting of all other accounts on their plan (these parental controls are a long-requested feature).

Spotify says the update is now available in Ireland, and will rollout in all markets with Premium Family this fall. Those who are already Premium Family Plan users will be notified as soon as the upgraded Family Plan is available in the coming months.

Here are some things families can look forward to:

  • Family Mix: Families will get exclusive access to a personalized playlist packed with songs the whole family enjoys. Family Mix is updated regularly and you can control who is in each session to optimize your family’s favorite shared listening moments.
  • Family Hub: Billing users can now manage their Family’s settings in one place, including adding or removing family members, keeping your home address up to date, and adjusting your parental controls.
  • Six Accounts: Spotify Premium Family still provides six individual Spotify Premium accounts for family members living under one roof, meaning you’ll keep your own saved music and playlists.

The Spotify Premium Family plan costs $14.99 per month. It might be a good investment for families that enjoy listening to music and podcasts together. The parental controls (after the rollout) will make it easier for parents to filter out things that they don’t want their kids to listen to.

Apple Addressed Spotify’s Claims

Recently, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission. Yesterday, Apple posted a statement titled “Addressing Spotify’s claims”. I suspect this will not be the end of the argument between Spotify and Apple.

Apple started by giving a brief history of the iTunes Store and the App Store. After that, Apple begins making a case against Spotify. To be clear, I am personally not on the side of either one of these companies.

What Spotify is demanding is something different. After using the App Store for years to dramatically grow their business, Spotify seeks to keep all the benefits of the App Store ecosystem – including the substantial revenue that they draw from the App Store’s customers – without making any contributions to that marketplace. At the same time, they distribute the music you love while making ever-smaller contributions to the artists, musicians, and songwriters who create it – even going so far as to take these creators to court.

Here are a few key points from Apple’s post:

  • We’ve approved and distributed nearly 200 app updates on Spotify’s behalf, resulting in over 300 million downloaded copies of the Spotify app. The only time we have requested adjustments is when Spotify has tried to sidestep the same rules that every other app follows.
  • When we reached out to Spotify about Siri and AirPlay 2 support on several occasions, they’ve told us they’re working on it, and we stand ready to help them where we can.
  • Spotify is deeply integrated into platforms like CarPlay, and they have access to the same app development tools and resources that any other developer has.
  • We found Spotify’s claims about Apple Watch especially surprising. When Spotify submitted their Apple Watch app in September 2018, we reviewed and approved it with the same process and speed with which we would any other app. In fact, Spotify Watch app is currently the No. 1 app in the Watch Music category.
  • Apple claims that Spotify wants all the benefits of a free app without being free.
  • The only contribution that Apple requires is for digital goods and services that are purchased inside the app using our secure in-app purchase system. As Spotify points out, that revenue share is 30 percent for the first year of an annual subscription – but they left out that it drops to 15 percent in the years after.
  • “The majority of customers use their ad-supported product, which makes no contributions to the Apple Store.”
  • “A significant portion of Spotify’s customers come through partnerships with mobile carries. This generates no App store contribution but requires Spotify to pay a similar distribution fee to retails and carriers.”
  • “Even now, only a tiny fraction of their subscriptions fall under Apple’s revenue-sharing model. Spotify is asking for that number to be zero.”

Personally, it seems to me that Apple and Spotify are having a disagreement that does not appear to be something that will end soon. I would not be surprised if the result of this spat causes Spotify and Apple to part ways.

Spotify Filed Complaint Against Apple with European Commission

Founder and CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, posted “Consumers and Innovators Win on a Level Playing Field” on the Spotify Newsroom. In it, he announces that Spotify has filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission (EC).

Daniel Ek starts by pointing out that his goal for Spotify is to reimagine the audio experience by giving consumers the best creativity and innovation they have to offer. For that to be a reality, his belief is that companies like Spotify must operate in an ecosystem in which fair competition is not only encouraged, but guaranteed.

It’s why, after careful consideration, Spotify has filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission (EC), the regulatory body responsible for keeping competition fair and nondiscriminatory. In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user experience – essentially acting as both a player and referee to deliberately disadvantage other app developers. After trying unsuccessfully to resolve the issues directly with Apple, we’re now requesting that the EC take action to ensure fair competition.

Here are some key points from Daniel Ek’s post:

Apple requires that Spotify and other digital services pay a 30% tax on purchases made through Apple’s payment system, including upgrading from our Free to Premium service. If we pay this tax, it would force us to artificially inflate the price of our Premium membership well above the price of Apple Music.

If we choose not to use Apple’s payment system, forgoing the charge, Apple then applies a series of technical and experience-limiting restrictions on Spotify. For example, they limit our communication with our customers – including our outreach beyond the app. In some cases we aren’t even allowed to send email to our customers who use Apple. Apple also routinely blocks our experience-enhancing upgrades.

Here is what Spotify is asking for:

  • Apps should be able to compete fairly on the merits, and not based on who owns the App Store. We should all be subject to the same fair set of rules and restrictions – including Apple Music.
  • Consumers should have a real choice of payment systems, and not be “locked in” or forced to use systems with discriminatory tariffs such as Apple’s.
  • App stores should not be allowed to control the communications between services and users, including placing unfair restrictions on marketing and promotions that benefit customers.

It will be interesting to see what the European Commission decides. If Spotify wins, it could open up the opportunity for other app makers, who are not pleased with Apple, to file their own complaints.