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Sennheiser Unveiled New SPORTS Headphones at CES

Sennheiser SPORTS headphonesSennheiser new SPORTS headphones are here! There are several different models. Each delivers the perfect fusion of sound, performance, and ergonomic design for people who have a passion for sport.

The new SPORTS headphones feature high-tech materials that have been carefully selected to ensure comfort, water resistance, durability, and hygiene. They deliver energizing sound with excellent fit and significantly reduced noise from wind or from contact with clothes. All models include an integrated smartphone remote and microphone that allows easy controlling of volume, track and calls when exercising.

Sennheiser open and closed designsThe SPORTS range comprised of both open and closed acoustic designs to suit different activities. The MX 686 SPORTS and the PMX 686 SPORTS feature open acoustics, allowing for a better awareness of external sounds that is ideal for outdoor pursuits such as running. Sennheiser has developed new adapters for the MX 686 SPORTS and a vertical in-ear design for the PMX 686 SPORTS that delivers a punchy bass while remaining acoustically open.

The MX 686 SPORTS features a classic earphone design and uses Sennheiser’s proven slide-to-fit ear-adaptor for a customized secure fit, while the PMX 686 SPORTS has a headband that offers additional security.

Meanwhile, the CX 868 SPORTS’ and OCX 686 SPORTS’ closed ear-canal designs are perfect for indoor exercise as they shield out noise distractions in environments such as gyms. The CX 686 SPORTS has a slide-to-fit design, whereas the OCX 686 SPORTS features a flexible earhook securing mechanism that is both comfortable and reduces cable noise.

The new Sennheiser SPORTS headphones will be available from January 2015.