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GNC-2009-11-07 #525 New Studio Lights

New Studio lights are installed and it makes a big difference to the video quality. Baby Steps but this was like learning to walk. Story on the show.. Big huge thank you to Pat over at LitePanels.com and his expertise in the placement of the LED LitePanels. Lots of tech to chat about tonight as always and for those of you Comcast subscribers you will want to tune in for sure.

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Knock Detecting Door Lock!
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Show Notes:
Computer Failure Chaos in MD
Don’t answer text book questions online!
FCC to let MPAA break your TV and DVR
File Sharing goes Underground!
ISP Safe Harbor Provisions in Jeopardy!
RIAA Penalty payment strategy!
Smart Eye Glasses.
Stream Live Birth of Child?
RoboForm for iPhone!
Data Breach Legislation in work!
Critical Windows Security Patches!
Ford Announces rear airbags!
Windows 7 lets Malware bypass UAC!
Six iPhones Disasters!
Hackintosh users catch a break!
Adobe may cause your machine to become infected!
100,000 iPhone Applications!
I have a bridge I want to sell you!
Comcast to throttle users that use to much of their alloted bandwidth!
Windows 7 Sales Exploding!
Twitter Phone (I don’t get it)?
Vudu Labs rolling out some cool features!
Toshiba HD of 1.8 inches holds 320 gigs!
Verizon to penalize you big time for canceling your phone!
Sourceforge is now GeekNet?
Space Elevator challenge Achieved!
HD Media Player battle!
Facebook integrating AIM, Yahoo, MSN IM chat?
Congratulations Geeks we are not Hermits as Accused!
Microsoft Courier want one!
WordPress now RSSCloud capable.
New Twitter ReTweet Feature!
SSL can be Hacked Emergence meeting to fix!

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Video Produced by Jack Ellis

PDF for Everyone

There was a time, back in the technological dark ages, just a scant two or three years ago, that PDF’s could only be created by Adobe Professional. It was so fancy, so rare, and so expensive that it didn’t even need a real name, just “Adobe Professional.” To differentiate from other Adobe products, we often called it Adobe Acrobat Professional, just to denote it was different than the free Acrobat reader we all needed on our computers.

But the tide shifted when Adobe lost their tight control on the PDF production framework. Now anyone can make a PDF, for free, any time, using software that is usually already installed or easily installed as a plug-in to existing products. Microsoft Office has a save-to-PDF plugin, and so does Open Office. And now, Firefox does too. Self-publishing websites now have their own proprietary and functional PDF converters for use by authors, and if all else fails and you can find nothing else,you can go out and download a free PDF creator like PDF 995, or PDF Converter from SourceForge. Many of these freebies now come with all the bells and whistles of Adobe Acrobat Professional, including style sheets, text-to-audio creation functionality, and complete creation tools.

I played a bit today with the Firefox plugin, which is made by Nitro, and it is adequate for the task. It is easy to save off a PDF of a website, links intact, for use in presentations or just to save for archival purposes. My complaint would be it doesn’t allow me to change any settings, and it is a bit slow to create the page. The output is really good, though, so it’s not a bad tool at all.

There is no reason for anyone not to be able to produce a PDF these days, whether or not they have Adobe Acrobat Professional.