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Sony Announces 2 New Tablets

sony tablet s sony tablet p

Today, at the IFA trade show, Sony announced their first two tablet computers.  The Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P are both powered by Android.The Tablet S is available for pre-order today and will ship next month.  The Tablet P will be available later this year.

The Sony Tablet S has a 9.4 inch screen, NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, weighs just 1.33 pounds, and is Wi-Fi enabled.  The Sony Tablet P has two folding 5.5 inch screens, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, weighs just 0.83 pounds, and has both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity.  The 4G works exclusively with the AT&T network.  While both devices currently run on Android 3.1, Sony promises that both will have version 3.2 of the OS by the time they ship.  Both devices have front and rear facing cameras for video and still images.  Both also have micro USB ports and support SD cards.

Sony’s press release states that “Sony Tablet devices are also distinguished by four key features that set them apart from any other tablets on the market. These include: optimally designed hardware and software, a “swift and smooth” experience, network entertainment services and cross-device functionality.”

Sony will also include their own services which include Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited, PlayStation, Reader Store, and Personal Space.  To get more information on these services and more, you read the full Sony Press Release.