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IKEA and Sonos Shine a New Light on Sound

IKEA and Sonos have collaborated on SYMFONISK, a range of speakers designed to democratize the home sound system. Combining Sonos’s expertise in sound and technology with IKEA’s knowledge of home furnishing, SYMFONISK seamlessly fits into the home to enhance everyday life and integrates with the Sonos system.

The SYMFONISK range includes the SYMONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker and the SYMFONISK book-shelf with WiFi speaker. Both products are compatible with Sonos’s own product range and can be steered through the Sonos app.

The SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker blends into the home in a new way, making it easier to furnish sound. It combines light and sound into one product in order to de-clutter the home with less devices and cords.

The SYMFONISK book-shelf speaker is a great connected multi-functional speaker at an affordable price. It has many versatile ways to blend into a home. It can be tucked away or on display. The SYMFONISK book-shelf speaker can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Both the SYMFONISK table lamp and the SYMFONISK book-shelf speaker will come to IKEA in August of 2019. I think the SYMFONISK speakers look nice, and will appeal to people who want to enjoy excellent sound and a speaker that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Sonos Streams at The Gadget Show

Sonos Play 3 Sonos are well-known for their innovative audio products which integrate together to build highly controllable wireless hi-fi systems. Simplistically, you can start with one or two units and build-up over time until you can play music in any room in the house. The Sonos system can be controlled via smartphones and tablets with apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

I chat to Ian about Sonos’ latest developments including Spotify streaming, their entry-level unity the Play 3, and the larger Play 5.

GNC #692 Sweltering Hot!

OMG is it hot here in Texas. A cool 114 degrees today and no relief in site. Shutting down the AC in my room to do the show was not so fun… Think I had some brain melt going on. New contest tonight listen and find out how you can win a Google TV!

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