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Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

I know you’ve seen it – someone using the “Push To Talk” feature on their company phone that essentially turns it in to a sort of high-tech walkie-talkie.

Would you like to be able to do something similar with your Android or iOS device? Enter a free iOS/Android app called “Heytell.”

Heytell is sort of a cross between “Push To Talk” and voicemail. Think you’ve already got enough communication ability with your phone’s existing features? Think again.

I find there are times when I’d like to send a 30 second or shorter voice message to a friend or relative, perhaps asking them a question or just saying good morning, but I don’t have time to make an actual phone call. Heytell fills the bill. If they are there and answer back immediately I can end up carrying on a real-time, back-and-forth, two-way-radio-like conversation. Or, they might answer me hours later. It’s sort of like texting with voice instead of typed words.

The app has both Android and iOS versions and works completely cross-platform. The biggest problem I’ve found with the app is getting other people to understand what it is and how useful it can be. Once I’ve effectively explained to them what it is, how it works, and that it is free, then when I send the email invitation to them directly from within the Heytell app they will be prepared to accept the invitation and start using it.

Since installing Heytell on my iPod a few weeks ago, it has turned out to be my most frequently-used iPod app out of the 124 apps I have installed so far on my iPod Touch.