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Atheer Uses Android for AiR at WTS

logo_atheerAtheer‘s AR smart glasses provide an interactive experience for industry, overlaying digital information for manufacturing, construction and medical uses. Andrew explores Atheer AiR and augmented reality with Theo from Atheer at the Wearable Technology Show.

Atheer has worked hard to develop a set of easy-to-use and self-contained augmented reality smart glasses with a familiar user interface. Simply, the glasses run Android with familiar apps and navigation, though Atheer have built additional features and apps, such as 3D depth. Atheer have used their experience in UI to ensure that the digital world doesn’t interfere with reality, positioning content on the periphery while keeping central vision clear. The built-in camera detects hand motion and gestures. Tap on a virtual icon and the app launches.

AtheerAir AR Googles

I tried out Atheer’s first generation smart glasses and I was surprised at the experience. While there’s a certain element of novelty, I could see how they’d be useful in a range of industries and beyond that, I don’t think it’ll be too long before AR is common in the office and at home.

XOEye Brings Wearable Solutions To Industry At CES

xoeye logo

Training and assisting employees tends to take up a significant amount of a company’s time and resources, especially in industries such as engineering and manufacturing. But thanks to the innovations that XOEye is bringing to the table, the workplace is about to become much more efficient.

Jamie and Nick interviewed John Calahan from XOEye, a software company that’s working to bring augmented reality solutions to the workplace. XOEye works with wearable and other smart technology companies to create custom solutions to allow employers to train, manage, and support their employees.

For example, if a new employee at a manufacturing plant is having trouble mastering a certain technique, they could connect with a more experienced engineer via smart glasses equipped with XOEye technology to walk them through the process. The flexibility and power of XOEye’s innovations are creating endless possibilities for growth and improvement across the industrial space.

To learn more about XOEye, visit their website.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly and Nick DiMeo of F5 Live.

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