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Sensio’s 3D Technology

Tom interviews Canadian firm, Sensio on their development of stereoscopic cinematic technologies – that’s 3D to you and me – and the launch of three new products.

  1. The Sensio Hi-Fi 3D Codec for superior quality 3D video, which is being adopted by several content providers.
  2. The Sensio Autodetect, which analyses video and determines the 2D or 3D format (side-by-side or top-and-bottom). Very handy for hardware manufacturers who don’t have to produce different models for different markets.
  3. The Sensio S2D switch, which converts 3D content into 2D content. Although this seems niche at the moment, as more 3D-only content becomes available, there will be times when it needs to be displayed two-dimensionally, e.g. when there  aren’t enough 3D glasses to go round.

All of these technologies are aimed content creators and manufacturers and the average consumer will never know that their set-top box or over-the-top box uses these technologies. Regardless, it’s interesting to see the technologies announced now that you’ll be using in a year’s time.

Interview by Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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