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NBCU Day 1 Coverage from Bravo Stage

NBCU was nice enough to offer up their main stage for two events again this year, due to NBCU regular production time over runs we recorded our first NBCU event from the Bravo stage. What is funny is that we finished our 5 company interviews in 26 minutes, yet the program that caused us to not be able to use the main stage, recorded their 8 minute spot 5 times. What was different from take 1 to take 5 still has me still scratching my head, but the producer of that show obviously was not happy.

We had executives from Ford, iRobot, Red, Anti Sleep Pilot and Clickfree we could not not keep these executives waiting,and could not infringe on their time any longer holding them longer waiting for production at NBCU o wrap, so we had to shift to the poorly lit bravo stage. You will see in later videos from our NBCU day 2 coverage the deltas in what going from their main stage to the bravo dome. While I appreciate the support of NBCU and their allowing us to use their facilities we were disappointed that we could not give the companies we invited the appearance experience we had expected. Hopefully in future years we are given time slots that are a lot less conflicting with actual production of NBCU television shows.

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Tech Podcast Network Live Show at NBC Universal during CES 2010!

The team from the Tech Podcast Network which include your humble host, had our first live streamed event from the NBC Universal booth at CES 2010. We had 6 guest on the show, introducing some very cool products and services. The live streamed event from NBC Universal was unique in that our friends at NBCU allowed our team access to their main stage.

Well over 8500 people watched the show as it was being streamed live. The support from NBC Universal staff was remarkable. We hope that you will enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed putting it on for you. Big thank you to Sharp for sponsoring “The Blogger Lounge” and make sure you remember to watch the Olympics on NBC Universal this winter in Vancouver.

In this episode we have a sneak peak at the Red Scarlett Camera. Along with the new Yeti from Blue Mic, GPS Maplock, YurBuds Earphones, Connectify, Makerbot
We did a second live stream from NBC Universal on Sunday January 10th as well.