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Recon Instruments Head Up display for Skiers

Recon Instruments shows Todd their heads up display for skiers, snowboarders and alpine sport enthusiasts. The display will give you a “dashboard” type display inside of your goggles that tells you speed, altitude, distance traveled, height of your jump and a whole lot more. It even gives you GPS data and with the Android powered version will allow other apps. It will even give you caller ID for an incoming call so you can decide if it’s worth stopping and answering the phone. It will, however, not let you text, make calls or answer calls while skiing. (And you thought driving while texting was a problem). The unit is installed in the goggles and is controlled by a bluetooth remote that can be worn just about anywhere on your body and is very tough.

The android version is $399 and the Non-Android version is $299.

For more information go to reconinstruments.com

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Android Goggles from Recon Instruments

The future truly is here.  At CES, Recon Instruments announced the next generation of their goggles with built-in micro LCD display powered by Android.

The current Transcend model gives real‐time feedback to the wearer via a micro LCD display including speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run‐counter, temperature and time. It is also the only pair of goggles that boast GPS capabilities, USB charging and data transfer to the post‐processing software at Recon HQ. The Transcend ski goggles were launched in October 2010 in collaboration with high‐end optics partner Zeal Optics.

If that’s not enough for you skiers, the next generation will be modular and snap-fit into goggles from major brands such as Uvex, Alpina and Briko. It will have a wireless remote control that the wearer can use to navigate the interactive widescreen micro LCD.  It will have integrated maps, navigation and buddy tracking so you can see where you are on the mountain and where your friends are.

It will have Bluetooth smartphone and video integration: you’ll be able to listen to music transmitted from the phone, take calls, see text messages.  You can connect wirelessly to a helmet-mounted camera and see what the camera’s seeing via the screen in your goggle.


Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments said, “We are proud to follow the successful launch of our first innovation, Transcend, with our next generation technology platform for the Recon‐Ready program. The market was crying out for navigational maps, buddy‐tracking, smartphone capabilities, and wireless video camera capabilities for hands‐free, safe, and fun use in alpine environments. Our answer is to revolutionize the way we use goggles and head‐mounted displays, and we are delighted to bring all these features, and more, to fruition.”

Utterly astounding.

(It would seem that Recon’s server has crashed under the load, so the picture above was borrowed from Engadget.)