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RebelMouse Launches its iPhone App

RebelMouse LogoIt was only a matter of time. About a month ago, RebelMouse launched its very first app. It was specifically for Android. At the time of the announcement, I suspected that RebelMouse was also working on the creation of an iOS app.

This time, my suspicions were correct. RebelMouse has now released its iPhone app. You can get it at the App Store for free.

The purpose of the app (either for iPhone or Android) is to make it easier for people who use RebelMouse to post stuff to it while they are away from their desktop computers. It gives you a more convenient way to post directly to your RebelMouse while you are out attending an event. The app is not replacing way you currently use RebelMouse. It just gives you more options on how and when to use it.

What can you do with the RebelMouse iPhone app? You can share or repost your favorite tweets, videos and photos. You can use the app to create a beautiful blog post from any photo, link, or page. The app can also be used to help you find interesting content on RebelMouse that was posted by other RebelMouse users in one stream that is easy to view.

RebelMouse Launches Its Android App

RebelMouse LogoRebelMouse has officially launched its Android app. They chose to do this after getting feedback from RebelMouse users who wanted one. RebelMouse says it has noticed a lot of logins from mobile devices. It seems that this is where their inspiration to create an app may have come from.

RebelMouse started as a desktop product and it will continue to be accessible through their website on desktop. The app is not a replacement for the desktop version. Instead, the RebelMouse Android app is intended to allow people to post, curate, and publish content on their RebelMouse site while they are out and away from their computers.

Basically, the app would make it more convenient for RebelMouse users to post photos from an event that they are attending in “real time”. You can connect your RebelMouse to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Flickr, LinkedIn and more. The app lets you select what to feature from those forms of social media on your RebelMouse page through your smartphone.

You can get the RebelMouse Android App at Google Play. It requires Android 2.3 and up. At this time, there is no RebelMouse app for iOS devices. The Android app is being described as their “first mobile app” which implies that there could be an iOS version appearing in the future.

Showcase Your Summer Photos on RebelMouse

RebelMouseRebelMouse is an aggregator that organizes your online presence into one place, to make it easier for other people to find the things you post. It can be used for free by individuals (or companies or websites) who want to have it showcase certain things that you have posted on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, or Twitter.

I use it as an individual. As such, I receive their newsletter. The most recent one was sent today, and it suggests that people use RebelMouse to showcase their summer photos.

To do it, you will need to create a new sub-page in RebelMouse for your photos. Next, connect your Instagram, Flickr, or a photo RSS feed to it (through the Content & Feeds tab). There is also a way to add other photos to your RebelMouse by dragging them in.

I thought this was interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it appears that RebelMouse wants to get people thinking about using it as their primary way to show other people the photos that they took for a specific event. (Instead of Flickr, Instagram, your Facebook page, or your personal blog). I had not considered this possibility before I read their newsletter.

Two, it looks as though you can add things to your RebelMouse page that are not from the website that you sign into RebelMouse with. For example, you can sign in via Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. You can’t sign in through Flickr, but you can have RebelMouse put your Flickr photos onto your RebelMouse page.