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Our CES Coverage Impact Short Tail

I have been getting a lot of e-mail from listeners, podcasters and others asking us what the reach has been so far by the media from CES that we have put online. I normally do not discuss statistics here publicly but wanted to give some insight into the performance of the five Hitachi sponsored video segments that Andy McCaskey and I did.

The top downloaded segment was last Tuesdays shows with the Blooper Reel coming in a close second. if I take and total all five segments we are very close to having 200,000 combined downloads and web based exposures. I expect that number to rise over the next two weeks.

The move to put the videos on Blip.TV was pretty profound in that we saw a dramatic increase in the number of impressions after we pulled down the embedded YouTube clips

This does not even count the audio podcast or any of the other video segments that I have put up and will continue to publish over the next 7 to 10 days. To say I am happy is a understatement.

The goal I set for 2007 was to hit 500,000 downloads in 30 days with all the content, having hit 200,000 impressions with only five segments I am pretty sure we will have no problem blowing out last years exposure. I will measure the long tail on the content and report back in a couple of months and by them I think we will easily hit 6 digits on all the segments combined once it is all online.