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GNC-2010-11-18 #628 No More Free Ride!

No more free ride with companies that want to buy off this show host with $10.00 in free products to give away on the show. Time to get their check books out instead. One more show left here in New Mexico before loading up and heading home. Lot’s of tech tonight and some serious soap box time.

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Listener Links:
Chinese Aerospace.

Show Links:
Verizon Christmas Special.
Woz and Android.
Working at Google.
Airport Opt’s Out.
4g Smack Talk
HuluPlus on Roku.
Google Docs Mobile Edit.
Atari 2600 Games on Windows.
More Free TV Online.
Firefox 4 Syncing Bookmarks.
New Time Warner Bundle.
Amazon Studio Terms.
More cord cutting Data.
Facebook new AOL (Perfect)
Botnets Thrives in Top ISP’s
EyeFi and Windows Live.
Fixing Pidgin.
Ice Storm in Space.
Virgin Galactic 3rd Flight.
Earth at Night from ISS.
Dec 3rd Shuttle Launch.
Alien Galaxy sucked in!
Spirit call home?
Chinese Engineering.
Would you do this?
How stupid is this!
Next Target of Wireless Companies.
Fed charged $25.00 a head.
Mozilla dependent on Google.
UK = No Net Neutrality.
TSA Pat Downs to Continue.
Space Cloak.
DOJ Website Cops.
ISS Maintenance.
DOT Mobile Cops.
The List.
Yellow Pages desperate.

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