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Dave Winer takes a Swing at Apple’s Photocasting RSS Implementation

This morning when I woke up I saw that one of our editors here at Geek News Central had done a great iLife 06 review, and when I went to look at her photocasting page via my Windows machine it said I could not view them as the browser wasn’t supported both Forefox and IE would not load the page.


So I switched over to my Mac Mini, I loaded Firefox and tried to load the page and to my suprise I could not view the page. Finally I had to resort to using Safari and the page loaded and what they have created looks pretty cool. But I kinda of did a are they kidding me routine when it took 4 browsers to get the page to load. What the heck is wrong with Apple? They should have a big ass disclaimer that say Photocasting is limited to Safari browsers on Mac operating system only all others go away!

Then I read Dave’s post on his six month mostly positive experience with a Mac, but what shocked me is how much he paid for it, The system cost him $5500.00 and he is complaing on how slow it is (Dave did that include the monitor cost),
he like many others are no longer willing to be locked into a platform and I think that is a good stance to have.

I will be the first to admit I really like what they have done in Garageband though, for Podcasting that was a definite step in the right direction.

On a side note though it was a interesting revelation that Adam Curry the so called PodFather has switched back to an inexpensive PC to do Podcast recording because of the trouble he has had in production recently [Dave Winer]

Apple Photocasting RSS is all Jacked up!

Well it did not take long for people to dig into Photocasting that Apple introduced this week at Macworld, and like a lot of things Apple has done lately in the RSS space, looks like the blew it! The implementation is pretty bad although the idea is good they don’t even have a compliant RSS feed, once again they are using tags and name space elements that do not exist of which they could have adapted existing elements. Why do they feel they have to go on their own all the time why can’t they use existing tags and elements is beyond me and why is it so hard for Apple to reach out and ask for guidance of those that could have helped and knew what they were doing instead of obviously guessing. [Dave Winer]