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Flickr Releases Photo Session and Android App

Flickr today announced two new releases – Photo Session and an app for Android devices.  While the Android app has been wanted by users for a long time, the Photo Session app came as a bit of a surprise and also a treat, especially for those who have family in far-flung locations that they want to browse photos with.

The more popular of the two releases is likely to be the Android app.  The app allows users to take pictures, edit them, and then forward them on to not just Flickr, but also other locations like Facebook and Twitter.  According to their announcement, “Browsing and navigating has been custom designed for Flickr to make use of maps, tags, and activity around your photos.”  It allows users to view comments and also go full-screen and set up and play slideshows.

Photo Session has been overshadowed in today’s news cycle thanks to anything Android being what the media takes and runs with.  It’s a cool release on it’s own though, as it allows users to view pictures, through a web browser, with friends and families who can be located anywhere in the world.  Once you create a new photo session you can send invitations to others.  In turn, you can all get together in real-time and view and discuss the shared photos.  When you move from one photo to the next it changes for all viewers in your session.

You can find the Android app in the Android Market and Photo Session at Flickr.  Both are free downloads.  Photo Session is only available in English and is still in beta.  You can see a preview video below.